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Breeding Dreams (standard:romance, 901 words)
Author: ChrysalisAdded: Sep 15 2000Views/Reads: 3013/5Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Even mythical creatures love and lose..and know the pain of moving on with life..

She woke from the dream while the sun was still shining..but the sky was
no longer turquoise and filled with lofty clouds..The light was weak 
and white in a steel grey sky. She watched the sea which was no longer 
blue green and beautiful. It too was grey and boiled irritably with 
little wavelets of white. 

She sat up. In her dream she had worn a dress with a crisp white collar.
In its place, she had wound dead dried weeds around her shoulders. She 
shrugged them off with a crackling sound. Her midsection writhed and 
she was suddenly very very hungry. She licked her dried cracked lips 
with a rasping tongue. 

From the aging dock where she lay, she lowered herself into the greying
water. The cold damp felt soothing to her parched skin. And she dove to 
feel the water slice over the gills behind her ears like a cool caress. 
She fleetingly wondered how long she had slept this time. 

She rose to the surface in a graceful arc ..raising herself up by the
worn rings of the ladder at the end of the dock. The neat cottage on 
the rocks had withered to a end of the roof had collapsed 
tiredly in on itself and the far wall hung out over the sea 
beseechingly. She shuddered and thought of the man holding his hands 
out to her in despair.."But what can i do??.."She blinked her double 
lidded eyes. 

He had built the cabin over the rocks over a natural pool that opened to
the sea via a hidden cave under the she could come and go on 
those nights when the whale song made her restless.. Ahh she had loved 
him so..he was such a part of the dream..And he loved her back..Right 
from the night she had climbed into his boat from the wet and rotted 
rungs of his net. 

He had pulled her aboard stroking knarled hands over her dark pearly
scales and whistling softly under his red, slightly greying beard. He 
had called her soothing words she did not know the meanings to. She had 
placed her wet chilly lips over his warm ones..smelling her marine 
scent mix with the tobacco/lager/man smell of him til he gasped and 
gathered her to his lap and kissed her voraciously..lost to her silent 
invitation..not flinching from her even when the tissue and sinew gave 
way..and her tail parted as legs..revealing her sex to him. 

He had built her a home, fed her, clothed her, taught her to speak of a
fashion, made her the bride of his lonely life. He was always 
laughing..His strange light eyes twinkling at her..even wheen she made 
peevish noises through the blow hole in her upper back. He loved her 
well and she loved him back through the out the dream and 
the years in the little cottage by the sea. 

She was content to sit at night by the fire and listen to his garbled
harsh words. She was content to lay at night in their narrow bed his 
thick hands stroking her green-black hair til his even breathes turned 
to snores..then she would return to the sea to replenish herself and 
feed. She returned damp and happy before the sun broke over the water 
to his waiting embrace tucking her into his side and sometimes turning 
her under him for love.. 

He began to age. She did not. She was furious with him. Irritated with
his slow fumbling gait. With the white patches of his beard and then 
the hair of his head. His face crumpled to a mass of wizened wrinkles 
and his strong body withered and bent. His fingers turned thick and 
horned. His man part no longer pleasured her..remaining soft and 
disinterested. He was leaving her..she knew. 

She watched him with baleful eyes..pleading with her husky squeals not
to stop growing stay and love her always..she did not 
want the change.. 

He cried and wheezed his pain..He did not want to leave her..their years
together were not enough..But soon..too soon..he sickened..and she lay 
next to their bed..her eyes unable to shed the tears she carried 
inside..she waited and bathed his lips with water and watched the flame 
of fever dance in his eyes.. 

"Don't die.." she rasped urgently..her mouth close to his ear. 

"Beloved.." he cried in return, "I am a man..only a man..what would you
have me do??" his old hands reached out for her. 

"Live.." she thought dully. 

Soon after..he died. She crawled out by the sea..and longed with all her
heart to join him..She slept..she dreamed..And now she had awakened 
from the dream. 

She swam slowly and awkwardly through the dark waters..entered the cave
and ascended the pool into the cottage.Her head broke over the 
water..and she turned in a circle. The place was sadly in 
ruin..Creatures and weeds had claimed the space for their own. The 
fireplace was black and empty spilling over with inky dirt. The fallen 
roof shielded the bed they had shared..and yet..from a corner of the 
rubble..a white bony hand extended..fingers reaching endlessly for 

She shuddered..and then felt the calf move restlessly within her again.
This dream was over. She needed to return to the bounty of the sea to 
give their child life. The dream would happen again..someday..when the 
urge to breed would bring her back to the living world. And men. 


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