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"The Life and Death of a Legal Secretary" (standard:horror, 3596 words)
Author: Jackie HardyAdded: Jan 18 2001Views/Reads: 2764/1917Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is based on the current popular fiction from White Wolfe called Vampire:The Masquerade. Please give me some feed back. This is about a sexy, savy, lady on the verge of a new life. Thanks! Jackie

The Life and Death of a Legal Secretary 

Here’s my story. Sad but true, sometimes I wish it could have been
different. But that’s another life. It started about six weeks ago in a 
law firm downtown, but for you to completely understand, I need to go 
back a little.  A little over a year ago, I was hired by a very 
prestigious firm. Which happened to do mainly corporate law, dabbling 
in a few, shall we say less than ethically correct areas of our 
judicial system. 

Like I was saying, this firm was one of the larger and more prominent
firms, dealing mainly with the importing and exporting end of the 
corporate structure.  The companies we dealt with made the docks move 
and stop, literally. 

I went there with resume in hand fresh out of school wanting to become a
part of any firm that would have me. Pushing paper and keeping my nose 
in the books made me wanting of a more congenial lucrative source of 
employment.   I got the interview through an agency here in the city 
and was surprised and happy after getting the phone call.  After 
waiting for about 40 minutes a kindly older man called me into his 
office and had a sit down. 

We hit it off like I had known him for years.  I’d say he was in his
fifties, more like my dad than I’d care to mention, and well groomed.  
He smiled and waited for the usual job interview schpeal to end and 
waited for my reaction. 

I liked him from the first.  He was kind, yet I could tell that if it
came to it, he’d eat who ever sat on the other side of the table for 
breakfast, and wouldn’t think twice about it. 

“You know, I have a reputation of going through secretaries.” he said
sitting back on his chair.  He smiled.  Slowly I scanned the room and 
found it peculiar.  But I sat there waiting for his next move. 

“Oh, I see.  Well, aren’t we lucky to find this out before I say yes.” I
told him, leaning against the back of the expensive leather chair. 

I knew what he was thinking before he said it. All through my life I
could tell what people were thinking, no matter how hard they tried to 
hide it. 

“What makes you think I’ll hire you.” he said putting his hands behind
his head.  His Armani suit was not reacting well to the movement and he 
felt the material resist. 

“I know more than you think.” I smiled.  I got up and made my way over
to his 32nd story window and looked down.  I didn’t like the height, 
but then again, I didn’t like being stuck in some menial clerk job down 
at the Department of Justice making 9 dollars an hour and putting up 
with a lot more than the paycheck could compensate for. 

“And how is that so?” he asked wondering what trump card I had up my

The lucky thing is I had a brain.   Let’s just say I had more than a
full deck.  Mine was a stacked deck. 

I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at him and said, “I am the
one who will make you richer than you have ever dreamed.  I can handle 
your books, make your clients feel like they own the world, make you 
look like someone should saint you for your benevolence towards the 
city, and make sure that your ‘enemies’ know that they’re meat for the 
beast when they come up against you.” 

“Oh and how is that?” he said playing the game. “I have been around a
long time little one and what makes you think you can do all this for 

“I know what it takes to make it.” I told him sitting back down in the
chair. “I have an MBA from Columbia in New York, and several other 
degrees so when I look at those very important legal documents I know 
what I’m talking about, and a set of legs that will make any legal 
lackey the opposition dares to send up forget why he came here. 

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