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Cry Baby (standard:Creative non-fiction, 2096 words)
Author: MandyPantsAdded: Feb 26 2005Views/Reads: 2626/1443Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Do things always have to be that bad?

When we feel sad, we sometimes cry and if we don't, we may be holding
back. Most men in our society will hold back their tears if they think 
anyone may be watching. Somehow it was ingrained in us, centuries ago, 
that it is not masculine to cry. That if a man does cry, it is because 
he is a sissy. This can also be said of some women, myself included. I 
will hold back tears due to my wanting to be tough. But the reality is 
that my tears will find a way to escape, and I won't be able to do a 
thing about it. It can happen at the most inappropriate and unrelated 

Then, I've known people who are the opposite of the above, they will cry
anywhere and everywhere, for as long as they'd like to. This can be a 
difficult trait for another person to deal with. It may just be that 
crying has it's time and place like we have been taught. I'd rather 
think that it is a private thing in most cases and it should be kept 
that way. Nothing can spoil an adult party like a man or a woman 
incessantly balling their eyes out. One has to wonder why they did not  
just go to the washroom, like I have when I felt the urge for a good 
cry out. 

All of this aside, I want to write about not only the action of crying
but morely, of the feelings of sadness that cause this reaction. We as 
people have a tendency to hold onto things that cause us pain. We don't 
know how to deal with them, so we don't. Whether we are having a hard 
time understanding the reason for our upset, or because we don't feel 
we can forgive the source, we as a whole do not work through our 
emotional pain. We take a look at it, we react to it and then we shove 
it aside. It doesn't seem so strange that we are so prone to anger and 

Depression is a serious problem in our society, effecting millions of
people everyday. I am of the opinion that most of the depression could 
be dealt with by ourselves, if we only knew how. We could start by 
identifying our feelings and by determining their cause. You have to 
decide what it is that is bothering you, and why it is. Then, once this 
has been done you are left with only your emotions to decipher. 

This is the tricky part, feelings are interconnected and they take many
different guises. The most important thing to focas on when trying to 
understand your feelings, is to be honest with yourself. Why did that 
thing that happened make you so upset? What is it that would make you 
happy, pick one thing. If you can pick more than one, you are on the 
right track. 

What boggles my mind is other peoples attitudes when it comes to their
own life. Some people actually hold others accountable for their 
sadness. If they themselves were the victim in a situation, they will 
blame the situation and the individual responsible, for all of their 
lives. It doesn't seem like a healthy thing to do for yourself, when 
you are trying to cope with heartache. 

"My life would have been so much better if only I hadn't met Nick." If
you get yourself into a situation where you have spent years suffering 
someone else's bullshit, it is your fault for allowing it to happen. 
They are responsibe for their behaviour but it is you who decided to 
put up with it. Everyday you have a choice to either stay where you are 
because you are happy, or to make a change because you are not. 

We must have been seriously babied as children because we seem to expect
that someone will bail us out of any bad circumstances. We even go as 
far as to hold God responsible for the things we find hard to cope 
with. We will blame everyone else for their part in the tragedy and we 
will expect anyone, but ourselves, to fix it. Furthermore, because we 
are of this belief, no one fixes anything, we are waiting for someone 
else to do it for us. It does not work. 

I think that we need more fixers in this world, the few we have can't
make enough of a difference. They certainly can't solve every little 
problem, so it looks like we have to try to do this for ourselves. 
Instead of waiting for the solution to fall into your hands, why not go 
find one and pick it up. 

There are too many people with trivial things that they consider to be a
dilema, that they can't cope with. Then you have people with real 
things to be upset over and they manage just fine, after a while. The 

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