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The Whisper (standard:humor, 997 words)
Author: BritGirlAdded: Mar 10 2005Views/Reads: 2369/1359Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A bit of fluff about a talking statue!

The Whisper 

Danny had always liked the statue outside the library. He would often
just stand there and look at it, wondering what the girl was whispering 
to her companion. He invariably concluded that it was probably about 
something stupid, like clothes. 

It was a summer afternoon and Danny was standing outside the library,
munching on some chips as he waited for his friend Tim. It was the 
summer holidays and there was no better way to pass the time than 
spending a few hours in the science-fiction section. He grinned 
contently at the statue. 

Then he saw her. He was so shocked he nearly choked on a chip. She was
walking past him, her blonde hair glowing in the sunshine. Danny was 
transfixed. Sophie Hellyer was the love of his life. She was Lois Lane 
to his Superman, Jean Grey to his Wolverine. 

She looked over and gave a shy smile. 

“Hi Sophie,” mumbled Danny, desperately trying to swallow the remainder
of a chip. 

“Hi Danny,” she replied, her blue eyes shimmering like the ocean. Danny
tried to say something but a stubborn remnant of chip refused to 
dislodge itself from his teeth. His mouth contorted as he 
simultaneously tried to work it free and say something in reply. Sophie 
gave him a puzzled look and then said, “See you later,” and walked 
through the main doors into the library. 

Danny finally dislodged the soggy blob of chip and watched Sophie's
retreating form in dismay. What a missed opportunity! He could have 
said something funny, something so dazzlingly witty she would have been 
reduced to helpless laughter. Or something so deep and profound that it 
would have changed her view on life forever. But no! He had been foiled 
by a chip. He looked back to the statue again, hoping for some comfort 
in its familiar presence. 

“Tell her,” whispered the statue. Danny dropped his chips. He gaped at
the figure of the girl, whispering to her friend. Had it really just 
spoken to him? “Tell her,” he heard again. And then the statue winked 
at him. Danny recoiled in amazement. The statue had moved! Was it 
possible? Such things only happened in the books he read. He looked 
again at the statue, which looked as immobile and lifeless as ever. 
Danny frowned. What would Harry Potter do in a situation like this? 
Well, he had it easier as magic stuff was always happening to him. Yet 
Danny felt certain that his hero would not blithely ignore advice given 
to him by a talking statue. It was telling him to declare his undying 
love to Sophie, to pluck up the courage to lay bear his heart before 
her. Danny puffed out his chest self-consciously. He could do romance, 
no problem. 

At that moment, Tim tapped him on the shoulder. 

“Danny, you've dropped your chips everywhere.” Danny jumped. He looked
down and saw a flock of pigeons descending on his chip carton. 

“Well, never mind about that,” he said, clapping Tim upon the shoulder.
“There are books to be read and stuff.” He began guiding his friend 
towards the door. 

“Actually Danny,” began Tim, “there's something I've been meaning to
tell you - ” 

“Sssh!” Danny cut him off as they went through the main doors of the
library. “No talking, remember?” Danny felt heavy with the sense of his 
grand romantic mission. Poor, dim Tim could have no idea of the 
importance of what was about to happen. How he, Danny Taylor, was this 
day about to become a man and win the woman of his dreams. Tim, though 
he was a good friend, was a bit of a geek, who knew nothing about the 
sweet mysteries of love. Danny smile indulgently and ruffled Tim's 
spiky, ginger hair. 

They made their way up the main staircase and upon reaching the first
floor went straight to the science-fiction section. Tim tugged on 

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