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Peace At Last (standard:drama, 1526 words)
Author: WaxAdded: Mar 10 2005Views/Reads: 2108/1309Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The year is 2044. George bush entertains his grandson Josh in his home at the Bush Houston compound. Josh appears certain to win the Republican nomination for the 2044 presidential election, and his grandfather wants to enlighten him on some aspects of be

Peace At Last 

The black of night is seen as a misty greenish haze when wearing
night-vision goggles. This is one of the technological advantages that 
U.S. forces use to surprise their adversaries, the Al Qaeda militants 
that inhabit the cliffs and crevices of the Afghanistan mountains. 

On the night September 11th 2007, an operation had been mounted to root
out a major cell that had successfully evaded detection for months. 
Each marine knew his role in the mission. He was to move swiftly, to 
obey unquestionably, and to inflict maximum damage. On the order to 
advance, the U.S. forces swarmed down a moonlit ravine and encompassed 
the terrorist camp. Within fifteen minutes the mission was successful 
and there were few casualties to either side. In twenty-four hours the 
world knew of the operation and its participants. 

The elderly statesman and former president of the United States, George
W. Bush, now ninety-four, dozed contentedly in his favourite lounge 
chair in the study of his expansive ranch bungalow, the Bush Houston 
Compound. Following the passing of his wife Laura he retired here, 
partly to escape the spotlight, but mostly for his own solitary 
lifestyle. A knock on the study door roused him from pleasant dreams. 

“Come on in,” he managed distantly. He spoke in a sagebrush twang. 

A tall Texan swaggered through the door. The man's entrance delighted
George; his chest swelled with Bush pride. 

“Josh,” was all he could say. Spoken words could not convey the emotions
that the elder Bush was feeling. His grandson was cut as sharp as a 
recruit poster, the image of the total professional. Josh sat opposite 
his grandfather. 

A moment passed and the grandfather finally found his voice, “Just look
at you.” 

“You look well yourself, granddad,” Josh replied. 

“Well, I still have it here,” George pointed a finger to his temple. 

“That's what I've been hearing,” Josh commented. 

“Heh. Heh. The fools still take me seriously. And why shouldn't they?” 

“Thanks for the kind words. They'll really help in the California

George reached to his grandson and patted a shoulder. The two men were
at ease with each other. “There's something I've been meaning to tell 
you for a long time, my boy.” 

Josh raised an eyebrow, “What would that be?” 

“This country is going to elect you, Josh. You'll have a good majority.”

Josh nodded. 

“You're Republican. You'll win the 2044 presidential election in a
landslide, and you'll be the seventh straight Republican in White House 
II. Do you know why?” 

“Why?” Josh answered. 

“Everyone thinks you know all the answers. Do you know all the answers,

“If you mean the party line, of course I do.” 

“That's what I would have said too, my boy.” George smiled, “There may
be something else you should know.” Josh eased back in his chair, 
eyeing the old man. This would be the reason his grandfather had asked 
him to visit. Josh had torn himself away from the hectic schedule of 
campaigning the moment he'd been summoned. It couldn't be a campaign 
strategy, the election was all but guaranteed. 

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