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Just Before Dawn Chapter 5 (standard:mystery, 3171 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Mar 13 2005Views/Reads: 1974/1316Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter takes place right after Allison is held hostage by the masked man. Will Connor come to in time to rescue her?

5. Danger 

Allison quivered in fear as the metal blade of the knife pressed against
her throat. The man was next to her watching the fear grow in her eyes. 
She could feel his eyes, feel his breath as it came in quick gasps, his 
adrenaline was surging now, and she was afraid of him. He said nothing 
as he tried to rip her nightgown from her body. “No! stop!” “What did I 
tell you? I said don't scream!” he said hostilly. “You're not going to 
...” he laughed menacingly taking the knife momentarily away from her 
throat. “I certainly am! And you're going to witness every moment of 
it!. Now, you're going to die, Allison!” she treid to rest the knife 
from the man's hand but he proved to be much stronger than she. The 
blade cut her hand as she tried to pull it away from him. He returned 
the knife back to her throat and she was at his mercy again. Suddenly, 
something kicked in, she didn't know if it was adrenaline or what, but 
she fought bitterly. She punched the man screaming with everything she 
had. He fought back slitting her nightgown and trying to stab her, but 
each time he tried she was just out of reach. 

Meanwhile, Scarlet was furiously trying to undo the locks on his cage.
Allison was in trouble and he needed to save her. The cage door finally 
swung open and Scarlet flew passed Connor's unconscious form. Allison 
begged and pleaded with the man, but it did no good. He was relentless 
in his mission and tried to stab her in the hand. “Stop! Please stop! 
What do you want? Money? Jewels? I'll give you anything.” “I want you 
dead.” “No! you're not going to have it, I won't let you!” the man 
pulled some rope from his pocket and with much difficulty bound 
Allison's hands behind her head. He tied her feet together so she truly 
couldn't move. Now she was defenseless. She watched helplessly as the 
knife came closer. “I give the orders around here!” he shouted at her, 
just then Allison heard the flutter of wings. The man was just about to 
plunge the knife into her chest when he screamed and dropped it rolling 
off the bed. “Ouch! Damn bird! Ouch! Stop! stop!” he swore spewing out 
a stream of obscenities as Scarlet began biting and squawking. Allison 
looked up to see that her beloved bird had cornered the man and was now 
biting him. “Scarlet stop!” but he didn't obey. The man was rolling 
around on the floor trying to evade Scarlet, he had retrieved the knife 
and Allison was afraid for Scarlet's safety. “Scarlet, stop!” she 
shouted louder. Scarlet flew to her and rested on her shoulder 
exhausted by the ordeal. The man dropped the knife and was just about 
to make a run for it when he was cornered by Connor. “Freeze, police!” 
the man ran passed Connor and out the door. Connor was still woozy from 
being knocked over the head and went after the man. But he slipped 
tumbling down the stairs. By the time he got to his feet, the man was 
gone. He rushed back into Allison's apartment and put out an APB on 
him. After he hung up he went to look for Allison. He ran into the 
hallway frantically calling her name. “Allison! Where are you, honey?” 
“In the bedroom, come quick!” when he arrived, she was sobbing and 
talking soothingly to Scarlet. Connor gently lifted her up and untied 
her hands and feet. He sat next to her and held her. “Allie, are you 
all right?” “I'm fine. Are yu okay? He knocked you out.” “I'm fine. I 
tried to pursue him but I guess I was a little woozy from being knocked 
out. I slipped and lost him. Did you get a good look at his face?” “No, 
he was wearing a mask and sunglasses.” “That's what I thought. Well, I 
have an APB out on him. I'm going to call the station and see if they 
know anything.” He walked over to the bed and dialed the station. But 
they hadn't found the suspect yet. Allison and Connor stayed up 
consoling each other. Allison was hysterical and she seemed to be 
shutting Connor out. “Allie, sweetheart what happened in there?” Connor 
asked as she poured them both a cup of coffee. They were both too wired 
to go back to sleep. “I don't want to talk about it.” “Sweetness, you 
know that I love you. You can tell me anything.” “No ... not this!” she 
said beginning to burst into tears. “What is it, honey? You can tell me 
anything.” Connor said soothingly. He moved his chair closer to hers 
and gently stroked her hair. She smiled through her tears at his touch. 
“He ... he was going to rape me, Connor.” She said softly. “And you 
fought him off.” “I tried, but then he tied my hands and feet and said 
he was going to kill me. If it wasn't for Scarlet biting and squawking 
I probably would be dead!” she said sobbing softly. Connor took her in 
his arms and held her. “Shh, sweetheart, it's all right, Allie. I won't 
let anything happen to you I promise. I love you.” “I love you too.” 
She whispered. Scarlet was perched on the back of Allison's chair. She 
had thoroughly checked him over for any injuries but found none. She 
thought back to how Scarlet was able to get into the bedroom.  The only 
answer she could come up with was the door had to be ajar in order for 

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