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The Interview (standard:other, 1759 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: Apr 09 2005Views/Reads: 2122/1408Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lad is on his way to an Interview, and has an opportunity to alter his life by accepting a career change, but he refuses to be disrespectful and uncaring by leaving a lady stranded with car trouble.

The Interview 

“Somebody who can accept responsibility, is not afraid of hard work, can
adapt and get along with the public.” That’s how the employment 
advertisement read. Jerry had a feeling that this was a golden 
opportunity.  The chance to work for a Fortune 500 Corporation, to live 
and work in a major metropolitan area, and to finally make the break 
from Hicksville, USA.  Jerry was not one to believe in or bet on 
hunches, but since he first heard about this opportunity, he knew that 
something special was about to happen. 

At age 32, Jerry had excelled in any sales or people oriented work
situation.  He realized that he appeared to be fresh out of Willow Run 
High School, still getting his ID checked every time he ordered a beer, 
but that made it all the more enjoyable when he came up with ‘Blue 
Ribbon’ ideas from such a youthful looking employee.  Jerry loved 
working with people.  Sales, counseling, or committee work was not a 
challenge, he truly enjoyed it. 

Jerry had sent in his resume just over a month ago and expected that it
would be a while before hearing any response. But after only one week, 
he had received a telephone call from the Ann Arbor District office 
concerning a field interview and he met with a Mr. Nameth for a “brief 
interview” which wound up lasting over a hour and a half. Ten days 
later he was notified by registered mail of today’s interview at 
Regional Headquarters in Downtown Detroit. 

“Please report at least 15 minutes prior to your 9 AM interview with Mr.
Miller, 28th floor of The Chrysler Building.”  It seemed like a form 
type mailing, but Jerry had heard that only three of these final 
interviews were scheduled.  It felt like Christmas morning or his 
birthday, he was so excited that he wove his way down I-94 with a huge 
smile on his face. Traffic was not too bad, he had plenty of time, and 
even the sun was shining to add a special glow to the morning. 

They had included a map with the interview request, but Jerry knew he
had to exit on Connor and go north.  He thought he would get most of 
the way there, stop for a coffee, check out the details of the map, and 
read about the special parking arrangements. 

By the number of skyscrapers in the area, Jerry figured he had to be
close and he started to look for a place to grab a cup and check out 
the map.  Miracle of miracles, he found a vacant metered spot nearly in 
front of ‘Joe’s Cup O’ Joe’, he wheeled in and headed for the entrance. 
 As he glanced back at his Escort, he noticed an older lady trying to 
open the hood on her large and expensive looking automobile just ahead 
of his car. 

‘Not now Jerry, all you need is a grease covered white shirt to make a
hit at your interview.’ he thought to himself.  Inside, he ordered a 
medium cup of black coffee, no donut, and asked for it in a bag so he 
could sip it in his car and read the map.  As he came out, he could not 
help but look for the lady, but it appeared she had left her car. As 
Jerry unlocked his car, he saw that the lady had not gone, but must 
have been stooped down, still trying to get the hood up.  Surprisingly, 
the lady was ripping off a pretty good list of dirty words in a heavy 
Irish brogue. 

Checking his watch, he sat the coffee on his dash and walked up to
assist the lady. She was wearing an expensive suit, her hair and nails 
perfectly done, and the jewelry was noticeable. 

“I was going to say ‘Good Morning’ but it doesn’t seem like a good one
for you” said Jerry with a smile on his face. 

Instead of a ‘Oh thank God’ or ‘Thank you so much’ the lady said, “Can I
help you?” With an Irish lilt. 

“Well madam, I’m no mechanic, but if I can assist you, I would be glad
to try. I don’t have a lot of time, but maybe we can figure out your 

She held up a leather key case and in her brogue said; “This is a
corporate lease vehicle, Maybe you have time to run these keys over to 
the rental agent so I can shove them up the Service Managers arse.  The 

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