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Hickory (standard:fantasy, 1462 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: Apr 10 2005Views/Reads: 2137/1253Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Hickory, a one time near champion boxer is fighting for his life and not fairing too well right now, trying to outlast a younger and faster opponent, all the while thinking about his critically ill daughter, who is bedridden, hospitalized in intensive car


“Hickory! Hickory, listen to me. Let me throw in the towel! Do you
really want to go another round with this kid? Stop before both eyes 
swell shut.” 

“I’m gonna kill this guy!” Said a battered and exhausted Hickory Miller.

“Yeah, right, you look like your killing him, he isn’t even breathing
hard. Come on Hickory, give it up before you suffer some serious 

I’ll get him, just give me some time! 

“Time you haven’t got.” Said the cut man; “He’s slipped everything
you’ve thrown for six rounds. You’ve got four rounds, 12 minutes to 
make your big move and I just don’t see it happening, but go right 
ahead, have it your way.” 

“15 seconds!” the timekeeper yelled. 

“What have you heard from Sandy?” 

“I told you, No news is Good news.” 

“Keep your mind on the fight, get that left arm out, stuff that glove in
his face, and move a little, have you got rocks in your shoes?” Said 
Bugsy Bates as he lifted the stool over the ropes. 

- - - BONG 

“Well Radio fight fans, Hickory Miller came out for the seventh, a
little slow, but he’s out there and Bayou Barns has a big smile on his 
face. Oh! Barns just sent a solid left to Hickory’s mid-section 
followed by two quick straight rights to the kidneys. John, were you 
surprised to see Hickory continue the fight?” 

“Dale, Hickory has taken a heck of a beating, but he has never stopped a
fight yet when he had any choice. God, Hickory just took a left in the 
ear that would have sent most men to their knees. This veteran of 126 
bouts has always given the crowd their moneys worth and he; Hey! 
Hickory just got a good jab in there, I wish he would have hung the 
gloves up two years ago. He had a splendid record and he could have 
went out in his prime.” 

“We all know about the very unpopular split decision that cost Hickory a
chance at the title and I for one thought he got robbed. That disputed 
loss seemed to take something out of Hickory and he just hasn’t been 
the same. It’s been nothing but bad luck since then, in the ring and 

“I agree about the poor judging. I had Hickory well ahead of San Padres
on my card, but we don’t count when they add up those cards at the 
final bell. 

“Folks, John and I both send our best to Sandra Miller, Hickory’s
daughter, who has been mounting a mighty battle against an internal 

“Right Dale, Go get em Sandy! 

“I think Hickory is blocking most of these shots, he’s not letting many
of them land right now.” 

“Well a few are hitting the mark and they add up to points and I just
don’t see Hickory coming out of this on top! Well, he just threw an 
uppercut that made Barns move back a couple of steps. He’s got spirit 
if nothing else.” 

At ringside, an usher handed the cornermen a note, “Hey guys, this just
came from up stairs. You’ll want to keep it from Hickory until after 
the last round.” 

“Mr. Miller – Your daughter is asking for you and the physician suggests

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