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Just Another Day of Law Enforcement (standard:action, 1378 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: Apr 17 2005Views/Reads: 2570/1561Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Listening in on two long time police detectives allows us to invade their thoughts, get insight about their feelings and their personal ethics. But do you really know these men.


“If this traffic does not clear a little, we are going to be late” 

“We’ll make it, have a little faith” 

“I suppose a couple of minutes either way will not be the end of the
world”  Said Detective Terry Johnson. “But I wanted to finish up here 
in time to pick up Kathy from Girl Scouts. She gets her 12th merit 
badge today, she’s one proud little girl.” 

“She should be. I’m sure you realize what a special young lady you have
there, she’s a lot like her Mom.” Said Detective Sergeant Doug Demming. 
“Consider what Peg takes on; Vice President of the PTA, Charter Member 
of the Book League, assistant Brownie Leader, Chester Junior High 
parents advisory board, Red Cross volunteer, and then there’s her 60 
plus hours a week at being one of the cities best attorneys. Throw in 
raising two kids and being a very pretty wife to a Klutz like you, I’d 
say Kathy has a pretty good example set for her.” 

“Yea, Peg is a superstar, but Kathy has her own special drive,
willpower, and determination; I am very proud of her. It looks like 
little Terry is going to be just as bull-headed when it comes to doing 
the right thing.” 

“Second grade and he’s bull-headed already?” asked Doug. 

“Yea, get this. Peg gets called to the Chester School and she is told
that Terry might be expelled for fighting. Peg stays calm and asks to 
sit in on the review being held in the Principals office. She walks in 
and Terry is sitting with his arms crossed on his chest, looking ready 
to take on the world. 

“She has to fight back a smile and then asks Terry if he didn’t know
better than to fight in school? Terry does not answer, but Peg sees a 
tear running down his cheek. 

“The Principal says that there were a number of witnesses to the
fist-fight and under the strict school fighting policy, he has little 
choice but to enforce the mandatory one-week expulsion. 

“Its quiet for a few seconds, and then Terry says ‘I don’t have any
witnesses to Butch taking my lunch money everyday for the last two 
weeks. I didn’t even mind it that much cause I know his folks aren’t 
working and money is hard to come by, but when I told Butch he couldn’t 
take my lunch money today because it was promised for the Red Feather 
Fund, he just laughed and still tried to take the money away from me. 
He ain’t laughing now” 

“I guess Butch had told some of his buddies that he had been ripping off
Terry and the Principal was able to get a couple of them to talk. Peg 
jumped up and kissed Terry in front of everybody when they let Terry 

“Not many kids have those kind of principles?” Said Doug. 

“You know, I think there are a lot more good kids than we tend to
acknowledge. We hear about the arseholes, excuse me, but the other 
ninety-eight percent just keep plugging along, doing what’s right, 
obeying the rules, and setting good examples themselves. 

“Look at your Billy, nobody made him go into that burning building, you
talk about a Hero. A twenty-two year old mother and her three kids have 
a life because of Billy. He could have grabbed his disability from the 
Fire Department and coasted, but no, he’s doing inspections now. Using 
a cane to get up and down the tenement floors to enforce fire and 
building codes and make the landlords stay up on the repairs and fire 

“Yeah,” said Doug “and he’s not even bitter. He wishes he could still be
a firefighter, but he knows he is making a difference with this job 

“Billy is about the only joy in Donna’s life right now, she can’t wait
for him to visit her. He was over this morning, but she was so far gone 

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