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Just Before Dawn Chapter 6! (standard:mystery, 8876 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Apr 24 2005Views/Reads: 1928/1287Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter picks up from when Jack was admitted to the hospital.

6. The Noose Tightens 

Allison was sobbing hysterically now.  Connor took her hand and tried to
comfort her as best he could. “Allison, he's going to be fine. You know 
how we always think the worst and then everything turns out fine.” “You 
don't understand, Connor!. I can't lose him too!. I ... we lost Mom in 
the car jacking and I can't lose another parent!” the nurse put her 
finger to her lips to silence Allison. “Ms. Shure, I'm sorry it took so 
long, but I do have an update on your father's condition.” “How is he?” 
Allison asked anxiously clutching Connor's hand. “Well, he has a broken 
hip. He needs surgery immediately.” “Now?” Forming words was difficult, 
and the turmoil registered on Allison's face. “Yes, I'm sorry to birden 
you with all this at once. But we need you to sign these consent 
forms.” “Why can't my father sign them?” “Well, normally he would but 
... he's under anesthesia. He's been asking for you.” “Can I see him 
before he goes into surgery?” she asked her voice shaky with sobs. “Of 
course. As soon as you fill out the forms.” Allison started filling out 
the forms and 15 minutes later, she was escorted into see Jack. He was 
lying on a gurney, his eyes were closed. Ever so slowly, Allison 
stepped over to him. “Dad?” she said softly. “Allison! I've been asking 
for you. I love you.” “Dad, are you all right? What happened? How are 
you feeling?” “I fell and I think I broke my ... hip. It hurts like 
hell! And I'm groggy.” The sedative was starting to take affect, his 
speech was a little slurred, but Allison knew he was going to pull 
through. “You have to have surgery. But I'll be here the entire time.” 
“I know you will, sweetheart. I'm sorry I scared you. You must've been 
worried sick. I feel awful, you waited all alone out there to hear 
about your old man.” He smiled at her.  She winked back trying to hold 
back her tears. “I love you, Dad. I wasn't alone, Connor's here.” “He's 
a good man. I like him.” “Dad, were you attacked? Is that how you fell? 
Or was it just an accident?” just then the nurse came to wheel Jack to 
surgery. “I'll tell you the whole story later, darling. I love you, 
Allison.” “I love you too.” She kissed him lightly on the cheek and 
watched helplessly as the gurney wheeled away. When she emerged Connor 
was waiting for her. “So? How is he?” “Well, he broke his hip, but he 
doesn't remember if he was attacked or not. I can't help thinking that 
Mark had something to do with this.” “Don't jump to conclusions, 
sweetheart. We don't have all the facts yet. For all we know this 
could've been just a freak accident.” “Maybe. I'm glad he's all right. 
He was pretty heavily sedated, but he told me he loved me.” “He does, 
Allie. I know you love him too. I can see it in your eyes every time 
you talk about him.” “I'd like to talk to Doug maybe he'll let me take 
some time off so I can take care of Dad. After the surgery, he's going 
to need someone.” “I'm sure he'll let you take all the time you need.” 
“I love him so much, Connor ...” tears filled her eyes again as the 
fingers of the unknown gripped her heart. Waiting helplessly was worse 
than anything she could ever imagine. 

Connor stayed by Allison's side for hours, trying to comfort her as best
he could. Finally after what seemed like an eternity,  the door to the 
OR opened and a nurse stepped out.  Allison was a nervous wreck, Connor 
had tried to get her to eat something or go for a walk. But his efforts 
were futile. “How is he?” Allison asked as the nurse stood in front of 
her. “Well, the surgery was a success. But it will be a while before 
Mr. Shure regains consciousness.” “Can I sit with him?” Allison asked 
anxiously, Connor could see the worry lines around her mouth, and the 
crease of her brow.  Not a sight he wanted to see often, but he knew he 
had to support her. While the nurse replied, Connor quietly slipped his 
arm around Allison's shoulders. “Of course, as soon as we get him moved 
to recovery.” 

The nurse went back in and Allison sank into Connor.  She was elated and
worried at the same time.  He held her stroking her hair and reassuring 
her that everything was going to be all right. “Thank you, Connor.” She 
whispered weakly. “For what?” he asked kissing her lightly on the lips. 
“For being here with me. I really appreciate it. Lynn's off on an 
assignment and ... well you're the only one I've got.” “You'll always 
have me, Allie. I love you.” “I love you too.” She said grateful that 
she had someone like Connor in her life. Allison would always remember 
how supportive he had been in her time of crisis. It was nearing 2 A.M. 
Connor knew there was no way she was going home. Not now, she would 
want to stay with Jack until he woke up. So he was planning to stay 
too, even though they wouldn't let him in to see Jack, he could at 
least offer Allison moral support. “Allie, I'm going down to the 
cafeteria for some coffee. Do you want a cup?” “Sure, thanks. That 

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