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Burn (standard:romance, 4987 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Jade CatseyeUpdated: Mar 29 2006Views/Reads: 2682/1666Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Our love burned with an abandoned and reckless passion that threatened to consume us whole. For sanity’s sake, we decided to just remain friends, something that probably won’t last long, especially since I think I’m falling for his twin brother.

Summary: Our love burned with an abandoned and reckless passion that
threatened to consume us whole. For sanity's sake, we decided to just 
remain friends, something that probably won't last long, especially 
since I think I'm falling for his twin brother. 

Warning: Rated for language and adult situations 

Chapter 1: Reminiscence 

I could feel his arrival even before he step foot within my line of
sight, a peculiar yet strangely reassuring aspect of our relationship 
that to this day I couldn't understand. For some unfathomable reason I 
was compelled to witness his arrival firsthand and raised my eyelids to 
half mast from my face up position on the grass, completely overlooking 
my clique of friends scattered around me to rest on the lean figure 
slowly approaching us from the west. Our eyes met and a rush of energy 
ignited the blood in my veins, setting it alight with an all too 
familiar fire. A small, yet noticeable smirk touched his beautiful, 
full lips, making my heart skip a beat in response. 

Angered that he still had the same effect on my body that we had had
when we were together, I shot him daggers through my glare and wretched 
my gaze albeit reluctantly from his flawless form in favor of looking 
up at the tree above me. Sighing as the fleeting surge of anger faded, 
I stared pensively at the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves 
up above. Damn him and my uncontrollable hormones. We were supposed be 
just friends. Friends did not casually flirt on a regular basis and in 
front of their dates, they did not want to jump into each other's arms 
and ravage each other with kisses until they were breathless and 
flushed, and they most certainly did not harbor an insurmountable 
quantity of lust for each other. 

I groaned and thrust my hands through my hair in frustration. Damn it
all. There was not way in heaven or hell that I would be able to rid 
myself of feelings for him no matter how much I tried. Our magnetic 
chemistry is what drew me to him in the first place. I could feel a 
smile curving on my lips as I remembered our chance meeting in seventh 
grade, back during my late stages of my tomboy-hood. For a couple who 
were destined to be intertwined with passion, friendship, and love, we 
sure as hell didn't act like it in the beginning. 

“I can't wait for the dance,” Skye bounced with the excitement of a
toddler on Christmas day as we walked to our homeroom, her eyes glazed 
over and cheeks flushed. “I hope Will asks me. I've been making a lot 
of hints lately.” 

“And if he's that slow that he doesn't ask after you sent him that long
ass love letter that took a week to write, he's probably too stupid to 
pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel and doesn't 
deserve your attention,” I retorted smartly and readjusted the strap to 
my backpack that was cutting off the circulation in my shoulder due to 
the number of books that resided within its depths. “Stupid Mrs. 
Henderson who doesn't have a life so makes ours hell because she can't 
get laid.” 

“It's not her fault Mr. Henderson left her for his busty secretary,”
Lolita snickered flanking my right as we drew closer to our classroom. 

“I wonder when I'll become busty.” Skye glanced down at her flat chest
wistfully. “I'm like a negative A cup.” 

I rolled my eyes. She was such a girl sometimes. “You're just a late
bloomer. You'll get them sooner or later.” 

“You can't talk with your big C cups, Angie.” Lolita poked my arm and
nodded at my modestly covered chest. “And if you'd stop wearing those 
baggy shirts, I'm sure that you would have all the guys in the school.” 

I crossed my arms self-consciously and refused to allow the heat I felt
in my face to show. “It's a family curse,” I muttered speeding up my 
pace to put some distance between myself and the two fiends I had 
considered my friends. They knew how much I hated the wretched things. 
Ignoring their comments on my gargantuan boobs, I passed through the 
threshold of my classroom. How was I supposed to keep up my tomboy 

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