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Hitlers Second Front (standard:Satire, 1729 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: May 01 2005Views/Reads: 3152/1739Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The hatred Hitler felt against Stalin was the reason the German army divided itself and started “Operation Barbarosa”, attacking Russia on ‘Hitler’s Second Front’ in 1941. But the real reason...

Hitler’s Second Front 

Never in the History of Military strategies, has any one plan been so
effective. Swift, well timed, well-defined attacks were consistently 
ordered up. Air support, logistics, heavy artillery, and surprise were 
all elements of every invasion, and they worked better than any 
previously proposed war plans developed throughout history. 

Time after time, invasion after invasion, the Nazi’s moved like a
well-oiled machine. No failures, minimal casualties, and overwhelming 
victories were beginning to be commonplace; Holland, Poland, Austria. 
Governments fell, borders ceased to exist, and Germany was beginning to 
be a much bigger empire. 

However, it is very well documented that in the late summer of 1941, an
invasion was launched that made no military sense. It was code-named 
“Operation Barbarosa”, the invasion of Russia. Historians have pondered 
why a great war machine would divide itself; efficiency to the power of 
½. All of the precise planning, logistics, communications, and military 
strategies were still developed, but now the army was at fifty percent, 
trying to fight on a second front; Russia. 

History has recorded that it was Hilter himself that ordered this second
front invasion. He had made numerous military proposals in the past, 
and many of them were sound decisions. How could he have made such a 
mistake? A mistake that eliminated any chance for a German victory in 
World War II. 

I have the answer. 

11:17 AM, June 14, 1941 

‘Where did this moron come from?” The Officer demanded. 

“ReichMarshall Wagner, this is Willie Barbarosa, he is the son of the
gardener, the Fuhrer’s special rose gardener; Heir Barbarosa. The man 
who keeps winning those awards for “Best of Show” at all the 
horticulture Fairs.” 

“The Fuhrer would win “Best of Show” if he submitted a stinkweed, but
what is this fool doing in the meat locker, humping one of the kitchen 

“ReichMarshall, the cooks give the gardener, and his son, brats and bier
or what ever they would like for a morning snack, as they were ordered 
to do by the Fuhrer. The boy is known to be an idiot and apparently he 
wandered around the kitchen after his snack and sweet-talked the young 

It is said that he is hung like a mule, and the girls are more than
eager to slip off with him.” 

“Lieutenant, Must I remind you, that at noon, the Fuhrer is meeting with
a very special guest. He is to meet one of the new military strategy 
experts, and the Fuhrer wishes everything to be perfect on this 

“Get some clothes on this fool and get him out of here, get him off the
property, do you understand, Lieutenant?” 

“Yes, ReichMarshall” 

“Very well, dismissed.” 

“Sargent, you heard the ReichMarshall, get some clothes on this boy,
clean him up, and slip him through the back service entrance and out 
the gate.” 

11:28 AM June 14, 1941 

“Stop Dumbkoff, those pants are filthy and they smell like cowshit, you
can’t parade through here smelling up the place, wait here while I find 
you some clothes. Put on one of those shirts from the kitchen laundry 
while I am gone.” Ordered the Sargent 

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