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Holding Power (standard:Fan Fiction, 1048 words)
Author: a guyAdded: May 01 2005Views/Reads: 2198/1231Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Brotherhood of witch-hunters finnally corner the evil witch who has been terrorising a small village for several weeks now...

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with her abhorrent hands.  Letting out a deep battle cry, Brother 
Praetor ran toward Marial as fast as his body would allow him. 

Marial turned her head from Claudios to Praetor, and then stared into
the green eyes of Claudios forcing him under her ultimate control.  
Claudios suddenly ceased to struggle anymore, limply hanging there 
transfixed to the evil women's eyes. “Kill your Brother.”  Marial 
whispered softly into his ears and released him from her grasp; Praetor 
quickly grabbed Claudios from her evil, soulless body. “Claudios, are 
you injured Brother?” asked Praetor, focusing his eyes on Marial.  
“Brother?”  Praetor turned his head to the newest member of the 
Brethren, Claudios.  Noticing that Claudios' eyes were black, Praetor 
asked, “What is wrong with your eyes brother?!!”  Shocked, Praetor 
quickly backed away from the now lifeless Claudios. 

“Fell my pain...” hissed Marial as she disappeared in a swirling spiral
of dark, purple smoke from the great hall. Praetor swung his hammer 
into the dark smoke but managed to hit nothing. “PRAETOR!”  Shouted out 
Karl warningly as Claudios hit Praetor on the shoulder with a jagged, 
rough grey stone.  Praetor groaned in pain as bones seemed to shatter 
around his shoulder, his collarbone felt smashed and then he dropped to 
his knees in agony.  Claudios raised his hand to take another swipe at 
the hapless Praetor... but as his hand was at its uppermost level he 
suddenly shook violently and fell to the floor, dropping the simple yet 
deadly jagged rock onto the flat stone surface.  Standing behind him 
stood the deafened Karl, holding his gold-plated crossbow where the 
soulless body of Claudio once stood.  Brother Karl stared down at 
Claudios and admired the pinpoint precision with which he had unleashed 
the holy bolt into Claudios' spine.


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