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Holding Power (standard:Fan Fiction, 1048 words)
Author: a guyAdded: May 01 2005Views/Reads: 2294/1300Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Brotherhood of witch-hunters finnally corner the evil witch who has been terrorising a small village for several weeks now...

“For Sigmar!!” proclaimed Praetor, his blooded hands wielding the holy
hammer that had struck down countless abominations in the name of the 
God- Emperor Sigmar.  Praetor's body was filled with a rush of 
adrenaline as he thundered toward the unholy witch whom had been 
terrorising the town for weeks now. “NO!” screamed Marial, the sister 
of the witch, scrambling free from Brother Karl's grasp, clawing her 
way toward the unholy witch; Marial would soon be free from the dark, 
controlling magic's her evil sister had cast upon her. Everything had 
seemed to slow down to a virtual stop and seconds felt like endless 

Praetor raised his gold-tinted hammer into the glorious shafts of light
being cast into the great hall through the grand colour-stained windows 
that stretched forever upwards.  The witch cowered at the bottom of the 
shrine making no noise; only wincing fractions of a second before the 
golden, glinting hammer came slamming down... sealing the witch's fate 

Breathless, Praetor stood before the shrine with his hands firmly
gripping the hammer.  Marial swept over her sister in horror and pain, 
desperately clutching the witch's dead, cold hands... weeping over her 
sister's death. Praetor slowly stared down at Marial, thinking silently 
to himself ‘foolish child', he shook his head and then gracefully 
turned to face his brethren. “It is over.” Praetor said quietly.  
Stepping down from the shrine he headed toward Brother Karl.  They 
spoke quietly together barely 9 yards from the shrine. 

Marial wept over the witch's body, she placed her arm around the body's
neck bringing it closer to her shoulder.  Something was attached to the 
silver necklace of her sister, it pressed softly against Marial's 
shoulder. “What is this...?”  She whispered to herself.  Marial 
cautiously unbuttoned the topmost button of her sister's once beautiful 
garment.  A small, black stone encased in what seemed to be smooth 
glass revealed itself to Marial.  She could see her reflection in the 
deep, dark depths of the stone.  She was obsessively attracted to the 
perfectly smooth stone amulet.  It would be madness to leave it here to 
be forgotten over time.  She had to have it... She would not let anyone 
else find it... “It's mine!” cried out Marial as she pried the black 
amulet from her sister's stone cold neck.  Praetor and all his brethren 
quickly turned to face Marial, startled by her sudden outburst. 

Streams of black and purple shadows seeped from the witch's corpse to
the black amulet that Marial now possessed.  Brother Karl exclaimed 
worriedly  “Is she a witch too!?” raising his crossbow level with 
Marial's head.  The evil shadows dispersed from around Marial and once 
again, the great hall was filled with a deathly silence... 
“Aarrgghh!!!”  Marial screamed in an unholy pitch. Brother Karl let 
loose the righteous fury of his crossbow bolt before following suit 
with the others and shielding his ears from the high shrilling of 
Marial's scream. 

For Marial, everything was slow again... her heart was beating so slowly
she could not believe it.  She felt the agonising and torturous pain as 
dark, evil shadows penetrated her virginal body.  She could not react.  
She was powerless.  Finally, the shadows stopped and she let out an 
almighty scream.  There was so much pain.  So many emotions.  Countless 
memories struck her mind all at once.  Marial could not muster enough 
strength to sail through this torrent of pain, emotions and memories.  
She went limp, once again powerless, her legs gave way and her body 
fell to the stone floor with one quick, thud. 

Composing himself, Praetor rose to his feet. “Karl?” asked Praetor.  He
reached down to his brother and shook him a little by the shoulder.  
“Are you alright, my brother?”  Karl looked up to Praetor silently... 
he did not say a  single word, he had seen Praetor say something to him 
but he had not heard anything.  He suddenly grasped Praetor's arm in 
shock. “I can't hear anything!?” exclaimed Karl in a slightly loud 
tone.  “What?”  Asked Praetor unbelievingly.  Karl could only observe 
Praetor's mouth move but no sounds were to be heard. “Never mind me... 
how are the others?”  Said Karl loudly.  Brother Praetor headed toward 
the other side of the now darkening hall, he noticed that the stained 
glass windows had all been shattered and staring outside he saw the 
setting of the golden orange sun. “BROTHER PRAETOR!”  Screamed Brother 
Claudios  “HELP ME!” Praetor swung round to the screaming and saw 
Marial hanging Claudios high up in the air, clutching onto his throat 

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