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It only takes a few to rouse the millions. (standard:poetry, 231 words)
Author: a guyAdded: May 02 2005Views/Reads: 2002/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I get fed up with people moaning...

From an early age 

I have witnessed people lose hope 

Silently watched them 

From the sidelines. 


Now I am on a new stage 

Where I can help those losing hope 

And invigorate them, 

Raising them to a revival of old stars' shines. 


When I share with them my craze 

The darkness in their eyes cries out for hope 

Yet they still digress from change 

Refusing to acknowledge what must be done. 


At this point I lose all trace of structure 

Save my four lines of verse 

And grow angry at these people, 

Who moan but never attempt change. 


For decades there has been no change 

No difference in life except technology 

I can't even begin to imagine, 

Why these people accept the way they are forced to live. 


Why the hell don't we try some change? 

I shout at everyone I talk to 

Because I just can't accept, 

And then I realise... 


I am losing my own hope 

When for year upon year 

I see people despair 

As we all get sucked into the world 

And structure sets in our lives 

I can't help but ask 

Do we really work to live? 

Or is it the truth that we live to work? 

Cos' I'm losing my hope... slowly it is dimming... fading... 

~ |||  Don't lose your own hope!!!  Do something with your life!!!  |||


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