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Reassignment (standard:fantasy, 1398 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: May 04 2005Views/Reads: 2041/1204Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What if you could pick baseball players from any or all generations to form one "All Time Greatest Team". The Military thought they would try the same theory when...


There was only one General in the room, so this 4 Star Officer in Khakis
must be where I report: “Staff Sergeant Grenier reporting as ordered, 

“At ease Sergeant. Let’s step away from the conference table so we can
get away from all these Officers. Smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em. How was 
your trip?” 

Begging the Generals pardon, Sir. Trip? I’m not sure what the General is
referring to. 

“Relax Sergeant, it’s just an expression, take a seat. Do you know who I

No Sir. I had to check that insignia on your unique uniform to even
recognize your unit, Sir. Every man here is a stranger to me. 

“Very well. We’re here for a top-secret mission briefing which includes
you. I read your file: platoon leader with the 90th, served with 
General Patton. Then Normandy on D-Day... the Argonne... and the Battle 
of the Bulge. Three Purple-Hearts, Silver and Bronze Star. Frozen feet, 
trench-foot, gangrene, did you lose any toes?” 

No sir! If I might speak frankly? The European doctors talked like I
might loose the entire left foot, but the American doctors in Belgium 
saved it. Those European doctors were totally overwhelmed. 

“Right, well, I’m glad you got by without amputations. You obviously got
your ‘6Stroke4440’, but your file doesn’t indicate where or when? 

I’m sorry sir, but I have no recollection of what a ‘6Stroke4440’ might

“Well you’re here aren’t you? How do you think your transfer came about?
What did you do to... Whoa, Whoa, wait a minute, hang loose, I keep 
forgetting you late arrivals haven’t been briefed yet. Am I to assume 
you have no idea why you were recalled? Do you have any papers or 

No Sir! 

“Take a seat Sergeant, I have some new orders for you. I guarantee this
assignment’s orders will be unlike any you have been given before, let 
me finish before you ask any questions, and as strange as these orders 
will seem to you, you certainly will have questions. 

“First of all, this is beyond “TOP SECRET”! What you are about to hear
was never said, and stays in this room, do you understand? If you wish 
for me to continue, your are in, there is no backing out once you are 
privilege to the dynamics of this event. A yes, I go on. A no means you 
are excused. Your first and final call, name it” 

Yes, I’m in, thank you Sir. 

“OK. We have selected just a few of the very best combat veterans for a
special mission. Let’s say the ‘Cream of the Crop’. You may not 
remember, but you were issued a 6stroke4440 certification. Once this 
was approved by the Chief of Staff, it put you in the ‘USA Century ‘6’ 
Squad, 44th Ready Division, 40th Viper Unit’. You are about to be part 
of an elite unit like no other in the history of warfare. 

“Now, as far as Washington is concerned, this unit, the soldiers that
make it up, and any directives for a mission like this one never 
existed. Every Geneva and international peace accord could be violated. 
None of the troops will be wearing the same uniforms, and some of you 
will be in street clothes or working in utility workmen uniforms. In 
fact, not all of the commando’s involved will be GI’s or even U.S. 
citizens. If captured by the enemy, the U.S. government will NOT 
acknowledge your orders, they will claim you are a renegade, and they 
will offer you no assistance or recourse. 

“Mission timing will be of the utmost importance, yet you will have no
opportunity to practice or attempt to coordinate these battlefield 

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