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Just Before Dawn Chapter 7 (standard:mystery, 6244 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 07 2005Views/Reads: 2114/1316Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter picks up from where Connor told Allison that Grace is pregnant.

7. The Secret 

“Pregnant? I don't know what to say!.” “I know I was shocked myself.
We're not even sure if the baby is mine yet. She's had so many 
affairs.” “If it is, you'll need to work something out with her.” “Yes, 
I will. I want to see my child if it is. But the possibility that the 
baby is mine is highly unlikely.” He hated to spring this on her, but 
he knew that he had to be honest and tell her the truth. She was as 
dumbfounded as he was when he first heard the news. “We'll get through 
this, my love. We can get through anything.” “Really?” he asked 
uncertainly. “Really.” She said planting a passionate kiss on his lips. 
He smiled and knew how much he loved her, and how grateful he was to 
have found her. 

Allison went to see Jack later that afternoon. He was delighted to see
her. He hated hospitals, and was starting to bug the nurses. Allison 
smiled when she heard this. “That's a good sign. It means he's being 
his usual self.” “You know he's going to need a health care worker when 
he goes home?” the nurse inquired from behind her glasses. “I know. I'm 
looking into some agencies. I'll be there too.” “That's good. Mr. Shure 
is going to need all the support he can get.” “Oh, I'll be there for 
him don't worry.” Allison sat with Jack recounting the good old days. 
“I've missed you, Allison. I'm glad you're here. It gets boring as hell 
in this place!” she laughed at his humor. “I know it does, Dad. But 
look on the bright side, you should be going home soon.” “I can't wait. 
Let's go now!” “Not so fast, you still need some therapy.” “Oh!” “I 
know not fun. But I'll be here with you every step of the way. I'll 
come over and cook for you.” “You don't need to be doing any of that 
stuff. You have your own life.” “You're the most important person in my 
life, Dad!. I love you, I'm going to do everything I can to make sure 
you're comfortable.” “Thanks, Allison. I love you too, sweetheart.” He 
smiled at her knowing how lucky he was to have her in his life. “Would 
you do me a favor?” “Anything what is it?” “Would you dig out the old 
photo albums? I'd like to look at them again.” “Sure. I'll bring them 
by tonight.” 

Allison went to Jack's house and fed Lulu, after checking on her she
headed to the bedroom.  She opened Jack's dresser and began to search 
for the albums, she knew he kept them in the dresser, but was unsure of 
which drawer.  She finally found them and began to leaf through them. 
Pictures of her as a young girl, Jack and Marie's wedding, the happier 
times. As she leafed through the photos, Allison tried not to think of 
the way it had all ended. Marie's death haunted her, and worst of all, 
her killer was still out there roaming the streets free. One photo 
jumped out at her, it was of Jack and a woman she didn't recognize. She 
thought maybe her aunt, but no. Who was it? She asked herself, as she 
studied the photo closer. Jack was in an intimate embrace with the 
unknown woman. Allison pocketed the photo and put the rest of the 
albums into a brown shopping bag. Then closing and locking the door 
behind her, she left the house. Little did she know, that a man was 
watching her, peering out from binoculars. He smiled as he saw her get 
into her car and drive away. 

Connor was catching up on some paper work when Allison walked in. He
smiled when he saw her and rose from the couch to kiss her. He planted 
a passionate kiss on her lips as he embraced her. “Wow! If I'm going to 
get that kind of a greeting I should go out more often!” Allison said 
kissing Connor. “I missed you. How's Jack?” “He's good, he wants to go 
home. He gets bored with hospitals.” “Yeah they can be pretty 
depressing. When's he coming home?” “Soon, hopefully in a few days, I'm 
looking into some home health care agencies. He'll need round the clock 
supervision for a while. Want some lunch?” “Sure what have you got?” 
“I'm not sure.” Allison said sticking her head in the refridgerator. 
“Ham and cheese, steak, and sausage and peppers.” “Mmm, the sausage and 
peppers sound good.” “Okay. I'll make it. Just let me change.” Allison 
went into the bedroom and began to peel off her clothes. She remembered 
the photo and laid it on the bed as she slipped into her robe. As she 
returned to the living room, she left the photo on the coffee table. 
Connor glanced at it and went white. “Allie?” “Yeah?” “Can you come 
here for a second, sweetness?” Allison wiped her hands on her apron and 
came to Connor's side. “What is it?” “Where did you get this?” he 
inquired showing her the photo. “From Dad's album. Who is that woman 
with him? I can't figure it out.” “Do you really want to know?” “I do, 
tell me, please. You know who it is?” “I do. I'd recognize her 
anywhere. Allison, that's Grace.” “Grace? Not your Grace?” “I'm afraid 

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