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Mapple Street (standard:other, 2814 words)
Author: TimAdded: May 08 2005Views/Reads: 2134/1236Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
John and Rebecca work with police department to solve murder cases. Rebecca keeps having the same nightmare every night until she tells her husband about the dream.

In Detroit on Maple Street, there is a nice neighborhood. There is one
house where Rebecca and John live. It was now one in the morning. John 
awoke from a bad dream, and his nose was filled with the smell of 
fruit. John opened his eyes, and Rebecca's auburn colored hair was in 
John's face. The phone started ringing, and Rebecca did not move. John 
grabbed the phone. “Hello,” John said. “John, we found some people that 
were murdered,” Rico said. “Where?” John asked. “Okay, we are on our 
way,” John said. John hung up. “Honey, wake up,” John whispered into 
Rebecca's ear. “What is wrong?” Rebecca asked. “There has been another 
murder, and we are needed,” John said. “Oh, good grief,” Rebecca said 
as she climbed out of bed. John climbed out of bed, and he walked to 
the kitchen while Rebecca went into the bedroom. John turned on the TV, 
and he flipped through the channels. Rebecca came in several minutes 
later, and John went to the bedroom. He changed, and then he came back. 
“Let's go,” John said. Rebecca turned off the TV, and they went 
outside. Rebecca was quiet, actually she was too quiet. “Honey, what is 
wrong?” John asked. “I was just thinking,” Rebecca replied. “About the 
baby?” John replied. Rebecca looked at John, and a tear ran down her 
cheek. “Everything will be okay,” John said. “I hope you are right,” 
Rebecca said. They arrived at the crime scene, and Rico ran over to 
them. “So, what do we have?” John asked. “Five, maybe six, dead,” Rico 
replied. “Wait! What do you mean maybe six?” John asked. “Well, 
apparently one was pregnant, and one of the guys accidentally touched 
her stomach. The guy swore that her stomach moved, and he said her 
chest was warm. He also said he felt something move. We sent the body 
to the hospital, and they are going to cut her open to find out what is 
going on,” Rico said. Rebecca looked at John, and she bit her lip. 
“Rico, can we go to the hospital, and see what they have found out?” 
John asked. Rico looked at Rebecca, and she mouthed please. “Okay, but 
hurry up,” Rico replied. 

John drove to the hospital, and they ran into the hospital. John went to
Dr. Sigma's office, and they sat down. “So, doc what did you find out?” 
 John asked. “Well, apparently the girl was pregnant, but we have not 
been able to find out who the father was. And no one has said that they 
would adopt the child which means if we do not find some one to adopt 
her then we will have to kill the baby,” Dr. Sigma replied. Rebecca 
looked at John, and her bottom lip started to quiver. “No,” John said. 
Rebecca continued to look at John. “Doctor, can you let us have a few 
minutes alone?” John asked. “Sure, I be back in ten minutes,” Dr. Sigma 
replied. Dr. Sigma left the room, and he shut the door behind him. 
“Rebecca,” John said. “Please, John,” Rebecca said. “Rebecca you are 
expecting in eight months,” John said. “John, let me ask you if we were 
not married, and I was killed would you let them kill my child?” 
Rebecca asked. “No,” John replied. “Please, John,” Rebecca said. “Okay, 
we will adopt the child,” John said. “Thank you, John,” Rebecca said. 
John kissed Rebecca. Dr. Sigma returned ten minutes later, and they 
adopted the girl. But the child had to stay at the hospital, so the 
doctors could make sure everything is okay.  John and Rebecca drove 
back to the crime scene. Rico led them into the house. The stairs were 
covered in blood, and on the staircase was body number one. “His name 
is Fred Sanchez, he is the father. We also have determined he was the 
first to be killed,” Rico said. “What is the cause of death?” Rebecca 
asked. “Knife to the throat,” Rico replied. They walked upstairs to the 
master bedroom, and there was a woman lying on her chest. There was an 
ax in her back. “We think she was victim number two. Her name is 
Victoria,” Rico said. They left the room, and Rebecca was beginning to 
feel sick. They walked down the hall, and came to a girl's room. “This 
is victim number three. Her name is Rachael. She suffocated. Victim 
number four was the girl who we sent to the hospital, and we have no 
clue how she died,” Rico said. They left the room, and they headed to 
the next bedroom. “This is victim number five. His name is Henry,” Rico 
said. There was a knife in his chest, and the sheets were soaked with 
his blood. Rebecca ran out the room, and down the stairs. She ran out 
of the house, and she threw up on the front lawn. John came out of the 
house, and he walked over to Rebecca. “How can anyone do something as 
horrible as this?” Rebecca asked as she started crying. “Honey, do not 
worry we will catch the one responsible for this. Now go to the car, 
and I will take you home,” John said. Rebecca walked to the car, and 
she climbed into the passenger seat. John walked to the car and he 
climbed into the car, and he looked at Rebecca. “Can we go to the 
hospital I want to see the baby again?” Rebecca asked. “Sure,” John 
replied. John drove to the hospital, and they walked to the nursery. 
Rebecca watched the child while John went to talk to Dr. Sigma. 

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