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Just Before Dawn Chatper 8 (standard:mystery, 5940 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 08 2005Views/Reads: 2025/1567Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter picks up from where Allison was put into the van.

8. Abduction 

Connor left for the station a short while after Allison departed. He had
this nagging feeling, he couldn't shake. While driving to the station, 
he thought about Allison. He had this awful feeling that she was in 
trouble. But that was ridiculous, after all she was only going over to 
her father's house. He thought about Jack, he had been a real pain 
lately, and Allison had commented that her father had some erratic 
behavior that was very uncharacteristic. Connor trusted his instincts, 
even more than traditional police work sometimes. He had a feeling that 
there was more to the story of Jack and Grace than met the eye. He 
decided to call Grace and ask for her assistance. Although he frowned 
at this idea, he knew that he had to get to the bottom of this, not for 
his sake but for Allison's. But he put those thoughts aside, as he saw 
Charlie Chattum emerge from the squad room. “Hi, Connor sorry to get 
you up this early. I hope Allison didn't mind my calling.” “No problem, 
Chief. What can I help you with?” “Well, I got a call from Mrs. 
Bernard, she was cleaning the attic and she found a gun. I don't know 
if it's the gun that killed Martha, but forensics can determine that.” 
“Where is it?” “It just arrived. Here, look at this.” Connor put on 
gloves and examined the gun. He wondered if there were any latent 
prints, but thought it would be a miracle if there were. “The serial 
number's been filed off.” “I know. I'll send it down to the lab, maybe 
they can figure out what the serial number is. This is a 22.” “The same 
gun that Martha was shot with. Up until now, Allison and I thought the 
killer was Renson.” “Doesn't look that way. Especially since Nina told 
me that his DNA doesn't match.” “I know. I was wrong, Chief.” “Don't 
beat yourself up, Connor. Your hunch was good.” “Thanks. I'll run this 
down the Don.” Connor exited with the gun in an evidence container. 

As he drove to meet with Don Pennyhill the ballistics expert, he tried
Allison's cell. He wondered how she was making out with Jack. Hopefully 
he wasn't arguing with her. He knew that the way Jack was acting was 
uncharacteristic, but what didn't add up was Allison. Why would he go 
to so extraordinary measures to hurt her? All these questions went 
through his head as he waited for Allison to pick up. But all he got 
was her cheerful voicemail. “Hi, you've reached Allison. Please leave a 
message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and have 
a wonderful day!” “Hi, sweetness. I just wanted to see how you were 
doing. I hope Jack is in a better mood today. Call me later, I love 
you, Allie.” As Connor pushed off on his phone, he thought it was a 
little odd, but he knew he shouldn't start to worry yet. He strode into 
Don's outer office and greeted his secretary Kathleen. Don was the 
leading expert in ballistics in Fallwood and always busy. “Don should 
be with you in a minute, Connor.” “Thanks, Kathleen. How are you and 
the children?” “We're fine. How's everything going.” “Oh pretty well.” 
“Is it true?” “What?” “I've heard you know. Did you find a new love?” 
Connor's brown eyes lit up as he thought of Allison. Her flowing brown 
hair, and those piercing blue eyes. “I did, her name's Allison.” 
“Allison Shure?” “Boy word gets around fast.” “It does in this small 
town.” Just then the intercom buzzed. “Yes?” “Kathleen, is Connor out 
there?” “Yes, Don.” “Could you send him in, please?” “Sure.” As Connor 
went into Don's office, this strange  feeling of doom washed over him. 

The van sped along the highway. The driver was conscious of the fact
that this was wrong, but what could he do about it? He couldn't stop 
him, and even if he had tried, he wouldn't have listened. He worried 
about Allison, who was stilled unconscious from the chloroform. The 
tall man who had drugged her sat quietly in the backseat observing her. 
Her breathing appeared even, so he knew she wasn't dead. He remembered 
that The Boos had warned him about giving her an overdose. Finally, 
they arrived at their destination. A concealed cabin just outside town. 
The two men carried Allison into the cabin and set her on the couch. 
“How come she's not waking up?” one of the men said. “Blake, that 
chloroform will have her out for a while. I heard she's a feisty one. 
At least we didn't have to struggle with her.” “I guess.” Blake sat at 
one end of the couch and observed Allison. Now all they had to do was 
wait for The Boss. Once he arrived, the final phase of the plan would 
go into motion. 

Mark woke in a daze. He knew he had to get all the sleep he could, once
he embarked on this mission, there was no turning back. He had to save 
her, even though she didn't love him, he still had to try and save her. 
He waited till the doctor entered his room. Dr. Phil Kemp was an 
affable soul, dark gray hair, about 6 2, with green eyes. He always had 

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