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Just Before Dawn Chapter 9. (standard:mystery, 6054 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 11 2005Views/Reads: 2057/1270Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This chapter takes place after Connor sees the photo of the mystery man.

9. The Chase 

Blake stepped carefully over to the bodies that lay before him. He
couldn't figure out which one of them was bleeding. Allison began to 
come to, and looked around dazed. She felt something wet on her hand, 
it was blood but not hers. She looked to her right and saw Rocco had 
been shot. She got up slowly and went over to Blake in a panic. Her 
eyes were as wide as saucers, and forming words took great difficulty. 
She couldn't believe that she was responsible for shooting someone, but 
it was not intentional. The gun must've gone off in the struggle. 
“Allison? Are you all right?” “I'm fine, Blake. Get me some bandages 
and towels.” “Where will I find them?” “How the hell should I know? The 
man's bleeding to death!” Rocco began to regain consciousness. “You ... 
you shot me!” he tried to move, but Allison restrained him. “Rocco, 
don't move. I didn't shoot you ...” “Liar!” “The gun went off in the 
struggle. If you want to get out of this alive I suggest you listen to 
me.” “Like hell! I'm tying you up! You're getting on my nerves!” 
“Listen, Rocco! This tough macho attitude may work at the prison but 
not with me!. You're not dying not on my watch!. So just shut up and 
lay still.” Blake reappeared with some gauze and some bandages. 
“Thanks, Blake. We have to get this bleeding stopped.” “What are you 
going to do to me?” Rocco asked trying to hide his fear. “I'm going to 
apply firm and gentle pressure, Rocco.” “But I don't understand I 
wanted to kill you ten minutes ago. Why are you helping me?” “I'm not 
heartless, Rocco!. I can't stand around while a person dies even if it 
is you.” Allison gently cleaned Rocco's wound and applied firm pressure 
to his shoulder. He screamed and swore calling her every name under the 
sun. “Watch your mouth, Rocco!. I'm trying to help you!” “Shut up!” 
Rocco said through gritted teeth. “Blake, when is The Boss arriving?” 
“Soon, Allison. I hope so anyway.” Just then they heard a car pull up. 
Allison watched as a tall man approached the cabin. As the door opened, 
he froze seeing the scene that greeted him. Allison gasped when she 
realized the man's identity. 

“Are you sure this is your husband?” Connor asked Dawn in disbelief.
“Positive why? I'd know Frankie anywhere.” “I'm sorry, there must be 
some mistake. This can't be him!” Connor was still in shock, and the 
face in the photo peered luminously out at him. “Why would you say 
that, Detective? What sort of mistake?” “I can't comment on that now. 
I'll be back.” Connor hurriedly got into his car and sped to the 
station. He quickly typed in Frank Roads, Ben Sams and Jack Shure. Once 
he had all their mug shots on the screen he froze. They were all 
different likenesses, some plastic surgery had been done to alter his 
appearance, but they were all definitely the same person. 

Waves of fear surged through him. Where was Allison? Why hadn't he
checked on her when his hunch had kicked in? He frantically dialed her 
cell but again got her voicemail. He was dizzy and his heart was 
pounding in his ears. His whole world was crumbling around him. “Allie! 
It's me, sweetness. Call me back, darling. Just call me back. I have 
something important to talk to you about it can't wait!. I love you!” 

Connor sat and thought for a moment, who would have access to Jack's
house? Lynn might have a key, besides he didn't know where Allison kept 
her extra set of keys. Connor sped over to WFTN. He pulled into the 
parking lot and raced into the receptionist's office. “What the hell's 
wrong with you?” the woman inquired from behind wire rimmed glasses. 
“I'm sorry, Miss it's an emergency.” “Oh come now! You don't want to be 
on the news that badly do you?” she asked smiling a little. “No, you 
don't understand I need to speak to one of your reporters Lynn 
Raznack.” “She's out on assignment now may I tell her who you are, 
sir?” “Connor Cassidy from the Cold Case Unit.” His heart thudded 
rapidly in his chest as the seconds ticked by. He had to find Allison 
and every moment was precious. “Okay, Mr. Cassidy may I have your 
card?” Connor pulled a business card from his wallet. “Please tell her 
it's urgent it's literally a matter of life and death!” with that, 
Connor departed tearing out of the parking lot and back to the police 
station. “Chief! Chief! Are you in there?” Connor asked pounding on 
Charlie's office door. “What is it, Cassidy? I'm in the middle of a 
conference!” “I'm sorry, sir but I need the histories on Jack Shure, 
Frank Roads and Ben Sams!.” “Connor, have you gone mad?” “Sir, listen 
to me for just a minute, please all three of them look like Jack 
Shure!.” “Jack Shure? As in Allison's father?” “Exactly! Allison's 
disappeared I can't find her!. She's not answering her cell, or Jack's 
phone or the home phone for that matter.” “Connor, you mean to tell me 

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