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Just Before Dawn Chapter 10 (standard:mystery, 2697 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 18 2005Views/Reads: 2009/1269Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This picks up after Allison loses consciousness in the ambulance!

10. Golden Hour 

Connor continued to hold her hand as the defibrillator was applied. The
medics asked him to release her hand while they shocked her. “I 
promised her I wouldn't let go of her hand!” Connor said sobbing. 
“Sorry, sir but we have to shock her.” Connor reluctantly released her 
hand. He watched as a surge of electricity coursed through Allison's 
body. One of the medics checked to see if they had a pulse. Connor's 
heart was pounding, his breath came in quick gasps and it felt as 
though his entire world were crumbling. If anything happened to her, he 
wouldn't want to go on. “We have a rhythm. It's unstable, but it's a 
rhythm.” The medic said sitting down beside Allison again. “Come on, 
Allie! Fight for me! For us! I love you, sweetheart!” finally, the 
ambulance pulled into the bay, Connor stepped aside as Allison was 
wheeled in to the ER. Doctors and nurses hovered around Allison as her 
pressure, pulse ox and injuries were assessed. Connor was escorted to 
the waiting room where he tried to phone Lynn. 

Lynn sat nervously on the couch, her hands in her lap. She wondered
about Allison's disappearance and could only think the worst. She had 
tried her cell, but to no avail. She watched some TV to pass the time, 
anything was better than the silence and her own personal hell of 
worry. Suddenly, the program she was watching was interrupted. Lynn 
stared at the TV as news reporter Andrea Day spoke rapidly. “We 
interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. The long stand off 
between convicted serial killer Benjamin Sams and police has finally 
come to an end. Unfortunately, Sams's hostage Allison Shure was wounded 
in the process,” Lynn shrieked and started to sob uncontrollably. She 
turned up the volume so she could hear what Andrea was saying. “the 
significance of Allison Shure's injuries has not been determined she 
was whisked away by ambulance to Fallwood General Hospital. I will 
continue to update you on this ongoing story as more information 
becomes available.” As Lynn raced for her car keys, the phone rang. 
“Hello?” “Lynn,” Connor sounded gravely serious, and she could tell he 
had been crying. “Is it true, Connor?” “Yes, I'm here at Fallwood 
General. Get down here as fast as you can!” “I'll be right there.” 

During the drive to the hospital, Lynn had all to do to keep herself
under control. Her heart thudded as she thought of Allison hurt. How 
serious was it? Was it a nick? Or something more life threatening? She 
knew the answer to those questions as soon as she entered the hospital. 
Connor's face spoke volumes and she ran to embrace him. They both 
sobbed seeking comfort in each other. “What happened? Where is Allison? 
Can we see her?” “They haven't told me anything yet, Lynn. It's pretty 
bad, they lost her pulse in the ambulance.” “Oh my God!” “Jack wouldn't 
give up, and wanted to kill her, he told us that we should leave 
because he wanted her dead ...” Connor couldn't continue, he was choked 
by sobs. When he regained his composure he went on. “I was so worried 
about Allie that I thought I could shoot the gun out of Jack's hand and 
against everyone's advice I did just that. Only I shot Allison 
instead.” Lynn reached over and slapped him hard. Connor reeled from 
the blow. “How could you?” “It was an accident! The bullet ricocheted 
and hit Allie by mistake! I'd never shoot her! I love her!” Lynn began 
to cry harder, but they were interrupted by a nurse. “Excuse me, are 
you waiting for news on Allison Shure?” they both nodded. “She's being 
prepped for surgery right now. The bullet did considerable damage, and 
she only has a fifty fifty chance.” They both gasped, Lynn clutched 
Connor's hand. “Fifty fifty?” Connor repeated incredulously. “I'm 
sorry, Mr. Cassidy. She might not even make it through surgery. She's 
lost a considerable amount of blood, she's going to need several 
transfusions.” “May I see her?” Connor's voice was shaky, and his whole 
body ached for Allison, he was dizzy at the thought of her dying and 
his skin was cold and clammy. “Are you immediate family?” “I'm her ... 
fiancé.” Connor thought quickly, he had to see her. “I'm her best 
friend, Lynn. Her father's um ... occupied right now, and her mother's 
deceased.” “Okay, you've got five minutes, then the orderly will be 
down to wheel her to surgery.” Lynn and Connor thanked her and followed 
her to a small cubicle. Allison was lying on a gurney unconscious. 
Connor shuttered she looked pale and weak, and he sobbed as he bent 
over her. “Allie, it's me, sweetness. I love you so much. I'm so sorry! 
I didn't mean to shoot you! You have to make it for me! Lynn's here 
too, we both love you.” Lynn stepped towards Allison and took her hand. 
“I love you, Allison, we've been through a lot and we still have a long 
road ahead of us. You have to make it, you're a fighter, save every 
ounce of strength you have and fight!” Connor took Allison's hand and 

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