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War is a Holy Thing (standard:poetry, 234 words)
Author: kendall thomas Added: May 19 2005Views/Reads: 1857/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

War is a Holy Thing 


War is a holy thing. 

It comes from God. 

He leads the unblemished lambs 

to the altar of Christ's blood 

and buries silver daggers in their hearts. 


Everywhere dead men meet on street corners 

and sing hosannas to this God 

and his holy war. 

Angels rejoice in Heaven. 

For it is war that comes from God 

and it is a holy thing. 


The time for tithing has come. 

The children of God must give silver and souls, 

for war is a holy thing, 

The scythe moves through the land; 

the wheat has been placed in shocks; 

the time for harvest has come. 


Vanquish the infidels, 

the heathen hordes of unbelievers. 

Return them to the clay; 

for the wrath of God is upon them, 

and men of peace you may despise, 

for war is a holy thing. 


Listen to the singers of songs 

and do not be swayed by the peacemakers, 

for they are not of the children of God. 

Cover your ears and look away. 

Shake their dust from your feet. 

They are full of lies and seduction, 

leading you from the path of righteousness. 


Sing hosannas loud into the night, 

giving strength to the faltering. 

Show them the way with lighted torches 

as stars guide men in heaven. 

And be not afraid. 

For God is love, 

and war is a holy thing. 


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