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Discontent---a short essay on America (standard:other, 913 words)
Author: Ms. LemonAdded: May 21 2005Views/Reads: 2136/1156Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A different viewpoint from Ms. Lemon...



Ms. Lemon 


(An individual opinion on life in America Today) 

from a viewpoint of someone who lives here... 


I used to like living here. I mean during the time when I sat on the
porch  with my Dad  and played cards as the  sun set over the lake. He 
taught me  to carefully watch all the cards people play , to hold my 
hand close to me and don't let anyone see you sweat. It's only a game, 
but life is a game also. Observe people anywhere, remember how they 
act, and act the exact opposite. Believe, you me, it works! You can 
pull the wool over the eyes of fools with a clever glance and some 
quick thinking, just like in cards! 

Life used to be simple in my father's day, oh, so he says!  It may seem
so in the misty afterglow of memory, but I can bet that it was hard. 
Sure, a loaf of bread was 25 cents and milk a dime, etc.... but you 
also had polio, diphtheria and all those lovely diseases that are cured 
by a trip to the doctor today. And if the word Cancer came into play, 
you might as well spell Curtains for you! 

I like living today because I know no other time. Sure, some say we have
lived before, but who wants to live without running water, electricity 
and toothpaste? Not me! I want to have my shower and smell like a woman 
not like some woodland creature that gets ripe after a run in the park! 

I know, I know... I'm gabby. So what? 

That women should shut up and sit in the corner and let their daddies
pick their lives for them? Not me! I didn't even do that for my own 
daddy. I wrote him a note, hopped on a plane and did what I wanted. 
Sounds spoiled. No. It's not spoiled. I didn't like his ideas for 
putting me in the convent. That kind of made me nervous and besides I 
don't like the smell of candle wax and my knees are too pretty to kneel 
down on all day long. 

If I want to pray. I will pray for money! 

And to have some luck! 

That is all good fortune is, after all, a roll of the dice. I could use
some luck. But you can't just ask for it. You have to run into it like 
a freight train. I stood on the railroad tracks but no trains hit me 
today. Better luck next time! 

I swear I couldn't attract a fly. 

even if I was covered with sugar. 

Maybe if I roll my body up with fifty's I'll find some rich man to buy
me a cup of coffee... 

Anyway, it's good for a laugh. 

Well, the name of my story is discontent. My view on America today and
here I am sounding like I am way off track, again? Right? 

Okay. I'll get serious here. America is a great country. Unfortunately,
the rich people have it hostage. We need to get it back for the regular 
Joes that work their tails off making a living and have to choose 
between dinner or their health? Why should we turn away sick people 
just because they do not have health insurance? Do rich people have the 
right to be healthy and the poor to be sick? It is a travesty to treat 
a nation of good, hard working people like dirt? They work their whole 
lives and what thanks do they get? A kick in the ass and a bill for 

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