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Just Before Dawn Chapter 11 (standard:mystery, 4561 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 22 2005Views/Reads: 2042/1362Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
conclusion to Just Before Dawn see how Allison and Connor's adventure ends!

11. The Proposal 

She just stared at him, transfixed. She couldn't believe he had broken
out of prison, she knew he risked being captured again, and an even 
harsher sentence for escaping. Allison tried to focus through the 
drugged haze. “I'm sorry, Allison. I didn't mean to get you mixed up in 
my mess.” “Now I know why you were so defensive whenever I brought up 
your past.  You didn't want me to find out about you and Grace.” “It's 
all out now, sweetie. I never meant to hurt you.” “So was that some 
sort of game? It wasn't a game to me! I still have weeks of recovery to 
endure, and I'm weak from all the blood loss and transfusions. I can't 
believe you're my father!” “I can see that you're weak, honey, I didn't 
want to wake you, but I just had to talk to you one more time before 
I'm sentenced. They'll want to give me death.” “Like you don't deserve 
it>? How many women did you kill?” there was a pause as he contemplated 
her question. “About 16 and then there was Greg Brindle.” “Was Mark 
involved at all?” “Some what, but he didn't actually kill anyone, he 
just took the fall for me. He's your cousin, Allison.” “He's my what?” 
“Aunt Renee's son.” “boy you've got some line! You're even starting to 
believe yourself!” “No, sweetie, it's true. Renee sent him away to 
reform school because she and Rick couldn't control him. After he got 
out, I used him as my henchman of sorts.” “Did you pay him to kill 
Mom?” anger flashed in her eyes, hot and fiery. Jack knew he was 
upsetting her, she was weak and couldn't handle this now. But when 
would he really have another opportunity to tell her he loved her? 
“Yes.” She stared at him, her eyes were ice cold, and he thought that 
if she could, she would rip out her IV's and kill him. “I don't know 
what to say! You killed Mom because she found out and was going to go 
to the police wasn't she?” “Yes.” “And you couldn't handle that so you 
just hired your nephew no less to kill her! And then you pretended to 
be the grieving father, the loving husband! Do you know what I went 
through?” “You were an alcoholic, Allison! And you slipped into a deep 
depression. I tried to get you all the help you needed. It was a very 
trying time for all of us.” “Trying? How about torture? How about 
watching the one person you loved more than life itself get ripped away 
from you senselessly? Trying doesn't even begin to describe it! I won't 
have Mom there on my wedding day, or to see her grandchildren because 
you decided that she had to die because she took the moral road! Did it 
give you pleasure watching me suffer?” “What kind of a question is 
that? I never wanted you to suffer.” “Then why did you kill her? You 
knew  what that would do to me.” “She was going to ruin me! She was 
going to report me  to the cops and I couldn't let that happen!” “So 
you did to her what you did with me, huh?” “No I told you I hired 
Mark.” “No, I mean that when she outlived her usefulness and wasn't 
willing to keep your secret you killed her! Just like you almost did to 
me!” “I'm not the one who shot you!” “Oh come off it! You'd say 
anything just so the judge won't throw the book at you!” “I'm telling 
the truth on that one! You're stupid boyfriend shot you! Connor!” he 
spat with an evil laugh. “You'd say anything to destroy what Connor and 
 I have.” “No, I'm telling the truth this time.” “You arrogant son of a 
...” “Don't get yourself worked up over me. I just wanted to tell you I 
loved you one more time. See you.” With that he left, Allison watched 
him go and knew she would never see him again. 

Connor arrived at the hospital a few hours later. The floor that Allison
was on was quiet, and the nurses spoke in low whispers. He went to the 
nurses' station and inquired about Allison's condition. “Well, we had 
to sedate her. She's sleeping right now.” “Sedate her? Why?” “She kept 
saying that she saw her father.” “Jack? He was here?” “Not to our 
knowledge, it could've been a hallucination from the medications she's 
on. But she became very insistent and tried to get out of bed. So we 
had to sedate her.” “Is she going to be all right?” “Absolutely, you 
can go in.” Connor hurried down the hall to Allison's room, she was 
asleep like the nurse had predicted. He pulled a chair beside her bed. 
She still looked weak and pale, Connor thought about what the nurse had 
told him, did she hallucinate? Anything was possible, she was on a 
heavy dose of pain killers, because every breath hurt. She began to 
have a nightmare. “No! stop! Stop!” Connor put a hand on her shoulder. 
“Allie?” she jumped and turned in fear to face him. “Oh, Connor! I just 
had the worst nightmare.” “About Jack?” “Yeah, that he shot you and 
made me watch.” “Nothing's going to happen to me, sweetness. We're all 
worried about you. The nurse said she had to sedate you.” “It wasn't a 
hallucination, Connor. Jack was here.” “Maybe you're on too much 
medication, Allie. How could he get out of a maximum security prison 
while locked in solitary?” “Listen, my love I know what I'm talking 

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