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To kill someone (standard:Suspense, 1575 words)
Author: KameaAdded: May 25 2005Views/Reads: 2575/1581Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Something inside Amy snaps....and now there is hell to pay

Amy thought she knew what it would be like to kill someone. She thought
it would be easy. Just walk in, shoot, walk out. She was prepared, she 
knew what to do. She knew every room, every nook and cranny in the 
house, and now, as she crouched outside his bedroom window, listening 
to him and that....that....slut laughing and joking, as if everything 
were normal. As if everything in the world were okay. But everything 
wasn't okay, she wasn't okay, and he didn't care. He didn't care that 
he had just tossed her aside like garbage, like she was the dirt he 
walked on. And for what? For her? For that thing in there? Ha! He 
didn't know what he was missing! But he would soon enough. She risked a 
small peek above the ledge of the window, they were sitting on the bed 
together, watching a movie, he had his arms wrapped around her, and she 
was leaning back against his chest, smiling. "Well, you won't be 
smiling for long, whore." Amy whispered to herself, then ducked back 
under the window and crept around the back yard and to the door. As 
usual, he had left it unlocked, and she smiled as the knob twisted in 
her hand and she slipped into the kitchen. She stared around the house 
that had been her home for three years. Her home! Not that sluts! And 
here she was, sitting in their bedroom! Like she'd been there all her 
life! Like she belonged there! Amy bit back a scream of pure anger that 
welled in her throat and threatened to slip past her lips. 

::A month earlier:: Amy stared up at him as he stood above her, looking
down on her. The quilt on their bed suddenly grew itchy and hot, the 
room seemed to close in on her, and suddenly she wanted to be anywhere 
but here. "Look, Amy, you know I hate doing this to you." "But 
things....things just aren't what they used to be." "They've changed." 
"I've changed." "My feelings for you have changed." Amy blinked back 
tears and glanced down at the small solitaire diamond on her left hand. 
She tried to speak, but only a whimper emerged. "I just think we need 
to call things off for right now." "Who knows? We could get back 
together later on." "I just need time to figure things out, to figure 
out who I am and who I want to be with." "I know I-" Amy jumped up from 
the bed "I thought you said I was the one!" She cried, tears now 
flowing freely. "I thought you said there was no doubt in you're mind!" 
"That you loved me!" Ben stared at her, but she didn't see any pain, no 
remorse, no sadness. He didn't care about her anymore....she could see 
it. "Amy, I know I said that, and I realize that now I shouldn't have." 
"I rushed into things with you, I've led you on and I'm sorry." He 
turned towards the closet, and when he opened it, Amy saw to her 
horror, that it wasn't his suitcases that were packed, they were hers! 
He pulled them out, one by one. "What the hell do you think you're 
doing!?" She screeched, "You can't kick me out of my own house?!" He 
turned and stared at her, his eyes hard. "It's not you're house!" "It's 
mine." "I payed for it and I'm not leaving." He said this in a loud, 
clear tone, speaking slowly, as if he were speaking to a child. Amy 
went weak in the knees, she grabbed the wall to steady herself. She 
felt as if someone was ripping her heart out, stomping on it, over and 
over. She couldn't breath, she had never in her life felt such pain. 
Ben, her Ben, was doing this to her. Leaving her. Had said he didn't 
care about her. The Ben she had lived with for three years, the Ben she 
had been dating for five years! Her Ben. He grabbed her bags and walked 
around her as she fell to her knees sobbing. Slowly and meticulously he 
pulled each bag from the room, loaded it into her car, and then came 
and stood in front of her. "Amy." She was sniffling, wiping her nose on 
the back of her hand, swiping away tears, trying to gain some 
composure. "Amy." She felt a ball of anger start in her stomache, work 
its way, and finally curl around her heart. "Amy." The sound of her 
name, coming from him mouth, enraged her somehow. He had no right to do 
this! He had no right to stand here over her, like she was some kind of 
child and he was punishing her! She was twenty five years old! She was 
a grown woman! And here he was looming over her like some kind of 
gorilla, trying to be intimidating! She jumped to her feet. "Just shut 
the hell up Ben! I think you've said enough!" "You're bags are in 
you're car." He said, staring at her. "No shit sherlock!" "I watched 
you take them out there." He frowned, then took her by the arm to steer 
her out of the room. She laughed and jerked away. "Don't touch me!" 
"Who do you think you are?!" "Look, just go Amy." He pointed to the 
door. "Oh, what, now I need directions?!" "I think I know where the 
front door is dumbass, I've lived here long enough haven't I?" "Payed 
you're bills long enough, haven't I?" "Yeah, I think I know where the 
door is." She walked to it, then turned and stared at him, "So what's 
her name?" He looked startled for a second, and took a step back. "Bye 
Amy." "Oh, so there is someone." She laughed, "Come on, Benny, what's 
her name?" "At least let me know who you're going to con into paying 

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