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Double Jeopardy (standard:mystery, 2417 words) [1/13] show all parts
Author: Sarah SpenserUpdated: Oct 15 2005Views/Reads: 2419/1292Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Allison and Connor are back in this sequel to Just Before Dawn. Allison is investigating the disappearance of five teenagers, she soon finds out that theyare linked to the mob. Which could land her and her unborn child in peril!.

Double Jeopardy 

By Sarah Spenser 

Book Jacket Information 

When crime reporter Allison Shure is assigned to investigate the
disappearance of five teens, she finds the case humdrum. Until she 
discovers that the teenagers' disappearance is linked to Chadwick 
Batano, the largest mob boss on the East Coast. In order to unlock this 
mystery, Allison must revisit a dark secret in her past, which if 
exposed threatens to destroy her marriage. To further complicate 
matters, Allison is pregnant and her husband, Connor fears for her 
safety and that of their unborn child. As Allison begins to receive 
death threats, it is clear that she is in too deep, but can she get out 
before it's too late? Sequel to Just Before Dawn. 

Chapters 1.	News Room 2.	Unexpected News 3.	Calling Card 4.	Past
Revisited 5.	Ultimate Peril 6.	On the Stand 7.	The Explosion 8.	Labor 
of Love 9.	Great Escape 10.	Double Jeopardy 1. News Room 

Connor woke to the piercing sound of the alarm. He quickly silenced it,
as he squinted to read the clock. It was only 6, but he had to be at 
the station by 8. He was working on a cold case that had just heated up 
again. In the past five years, 5 teenagers all boys had disappeared 
after buying drugs. Connor wasn't sure what the new police chief 
Charlie Chattum was up to, but he knew he had to work hard. It put a 
strain on his marriage though. Sometimes, he didn't get home until 9 or 
10 at night. Allison never complained, but inside he knew she was upset 
with him. 

Quite honestly, he didn't blame her, she worked hard to make their
marriage what it was, and he loved her for it. They had only been 
married a year and it seemed idyllic, little did he know what was 
bubbling under the surface. He glanced at Allison, it was unusual for 
her to still be asleep. Usually, she woke him in the morning. He 
reached over and shook her. “Allie?” she opened her eyes and smiled at 
him. “Is it morning already?” she asked sleepily kissing him lightly. 
“Unfortunately.” “Oh, do we have to go to work?” she asked reaching for 
her robe and slippers. “Are you okay, sweetness? You're usually up 
before me.” “Well, I had a bad night. I think I'm coming down with the 
flue. I was up earlier, I guess I must've dozed off.” “And you didn't 
wake me? I would've helped you.” She smiled weakly, she looked pale and 
he worried about her. “I didn't want to wake you. Besides, I'm sure 
I'll be fine. What do you want for breakfast?” “What are you making?” 
“Whatever your heart desires, my love.” She said kissing him more 
passionately. “You.” “I don't think I can find a tray big enough. How 
does bacon and eggs sound?” “Great. I'm going to jump in the shower.” 
“Okay, I'll start the coffee.” As Allison walked to the kitchen, a wave 
of dizziness enveloped her. She almost fell as she desperately reached 
for the kitchen chair. The last thing she remembered, was heading over 
to the coffee pot. 

Connor cursed, the hot water heater must be broken. His shower was
freezing cold, and as he got out he shivered. He toweled off and put 
his robe on. He wanted Allison to get another bottle of shampoo since 
he had used the last of it. “Allie?” he waited for her reply, but she 
didn't answer. Thinking this was strange, since he heard the coffee pot 
brewing he called louder. “Allison?” no answer. He was getting worried 
now, he raced into the kitchen and found her on the floor. “Allison! 
Can you hear me?” she could barely speak, and she was burning up. 
“Allison?” she looked at him through unfocused eyes. “Connor? What 
happened?” “I'm not sure. Did you hit your head? What's the last thing 
you remember, sweetheart?” she sat up slowly, and tried to focus on his 
question. “Uh ... going to turn on the coffee pot.” She was shaking, in 
spite of the radiators pumping at full throttle. Connor got her an 
afghan as he helped her to the couch. “I don't think I hit my head, I 
think I  got dizzy.” “Okay, well I'm calling Doug you can't work 
today.” Doug Stanton was head of Fallwood Connecticut's most watched 
news station WFTR. “No, Connor I have to go in. I promised him I'd 
investigate the disappearance of some teenagers. I ...” “Allison, 
listen to me, sweetheart. You just passed out you're in no condition to 
work.” “I have to. Maybe he'll let me put in half a day.” She said 
rubbing her head, he noticed that she still continued to shiver, 
despite the hot coffee she was drinking. “Allison, you're burning up. 

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