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Look Now At That Which is That You Have Created (standard:poetry, 310 words)
Author: MACAdded: Jan 22 2001Views/Reads: 2252/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
What's the impact a person has on lives? Is it for better or for worst

Look Now at That Which Is That You Have Created       10-10-2000 

look at the monster in the mirror 

you cry tears of hot burning acid 

thought you were really something 

thought you were really hot 

now at last you see you're nothing at all 

no one can stand your company 

none that really knows you anyway 

once you held everything close to your heart 

but now only the blood of a monster pumps in you 

thought you'd reach out and touch someone 

you molded and shaped one that hates you 

how could it have been worth it 

look now at that which you have created 

instead of burning into one's eyes the sorrow 

all you can do is laugh and mock 

so hear me now and all that you do 

I shall have no part of you for you do not abide 

your lover is in the land of the deep ever shifting shadows 

one never yours to be held seek out and destroy 

like a flying missel in the dawn of age old sin 

no one trusts you and no one will seek your counsel 

look now upon that which you have created 

of course no creation only perversion and death 

so now look to the sky and fear that which returns 

do not tread lightly and ask for morning (or is it mourning?)light 

soon time shall come upon you and you shall know justice 

and yet in your own world justification reigns supreme 

but in the end you shall have to pay 

to me and my own I plead mercy 

to you and your own I plead also the same 

destruction has been your only lover has been your only friend 

have you no consideration of those you spawned 

only unto one's self grant all that it desires 

and when all is ended we shall see your reward 


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