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JAILBREAK (standard:science fiction, 982 words)
Author: SciFi FanAdded: Aug 04 2005Views/Reads: 2065/1203Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
All kids love a good game of Jailbreak, but what would happen if Jailbreak was not just a game, but a way of life?


It was fifteen minutes before the Darkness when Cap led her squad out of
the safety of Volo Headquarters.  Each of the squad members cast an 
uneasy glance as they crossed the grass.  Cap ignored them and led on.  
She had to do this.  No Volo would be captured as long as she could do 
something about it. 

By the time they had jogged to the edge of Volo territory, someone
finally decided to protest leaving Headquarters when it was so close to 
the Darkness. 

“Cap, we go now we don't come back,” Dipper said bravely.  He was the
oldest next to Cap, the most likely to question her decisions. 

Cap motioned her squad to move left along a minor road and said, “What
if that be you in Validus jail?  You want the rest of the pack to just 
leave you to the Domes?” 

No one dared to say anything else.  Cap led her squad, now sprinting,
down another small road, which took them to one of the largest roads.  
She stopped and made sure there was no one else on the normally busy 
street and then turned left onto it.  The Darkness was too close for 
anyone else to be out. 

They took the wide road at full speed.  Even so close to the Darkness,
it was dangerous to travel out in the open.  Cap knew that if someone 
from another pack saw them, they were easy targets for some last minute 
captures.  She took note of the large buildings towering above her and 
her squad on the right.  The buildings were not the headquarters of any 
of the four packs, so they were unimportant.  The squad could, however, 
use them as cover if they ran into any enemies. 

The large, dome-topped building that marked Validus Headquarters was now
clearly visible.  Cap could see some people in orange Validus uniforms 
loitering in front of the Headquarters, and she dove behind the nearest 
building.  Her squad did the same.  She would not risk them being 
spotted just yet.  They moved to the back of the building and slid 
along the wall with difficulty.  The grass here was tall and stiff, 
slowing them down.  Nonetheless, Cap was grateful that the color of the 
grass matched their uniforms.  They blended into near invisibility. 

The Validus outside the Headquarters were few, and they looked very
young.  Cap was certain that her squad, all tall and quick, could 
outrun them.  Even if the young Validus did catch one of them, they 
would not have the strength to capture a member of her squad.  At the 
edge of the building they had been sliding along, Cap had everyone lay 
stomach-down in the tall grass and slither toward Validus territory.  
On the ground, she looked nervously up at the nearly dark sky.  The 
daylight was escaping quickly now.  The Darkness would be here soon, 
and all of the lamps that now illuminated the streets would go out.  No 
one out past the Darkness ever came back to Headquarters.  Supposedly, 
they suffered the same fate as those trapped in the jails of other 
packs when the Darkness came.  The Domes took them, and no one ever saw 
them again.  Thinking about this, Cap shivered.  The Domes gave her the 
creeps.  She knew that if they were going to free the Volos in the 
Validus jail, they had to do it quickly. 

They came to the edge of Validus territory.  The field of tall grass
turned abruptly into black concrete, which stretched about fifty feet 
to the Headquarters.  The young Validus members dawdled playfully near 
the front doors, ready to scurry inside when the Darkness came.  A 
massive steel Dome loomed behind the building, the jail attached to the 
front.  Cap brought her squad to a halt. 

“Dipper, Fly, Polo, you guys go around left to the jail.  Everybody else
comes right with me,” Cap said.  “Top speed all the way.  When somebody 
breaks the jail, spread out and get back to Headquarters.  You all got 

The whole group nodded. 

“Now move!” 

Everyone took off.  As Cap instructed, the squad split into two equal

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