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The Forbidden Love Part One (standard:romance, 837 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: John SoloUpdated: Jan 28 2001Views/Reads: 2731/8Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You think Romeo and Juliet had it rough? They had it easy compared to what we went through.....

It was December of 1995 and I was stuck in the worst relationship I
could ever imagine. My girlfriend, Summer, was the most selfish and 
heartless bitch that I had ever met, yet we had just spent the past six 
months together. Everyone seemed to ask me the same question when they 
saw how miserable I was . "Why are you still with her if you hate her 
so much?" they would all say. I didn't have an answer. I didn't get 
off on the abuse like some sick puppies do so it wasn't anything like 
that. I stuck around because I was waiting for something better to come 

One day, I showed up at Summers house to pick her up and go have our
pictures taken. As usual, she wasn't ready to go when I arrived so I 
sat around and waited. While I waited, I went and tallked to Summers 
younger sister Wendy. Wendy was on the phone with her best friend but 
she kept up the two conversations at once. I asked her if she wanted to 
hang out later at the park, ( A term we annual passholders use to refer 
to Disneyland). Summer was working that evening and I figured I could 
hang out there untill she was off and I really didn't want to do it 
alone so that's why I asked Wendy. Wendy agreed to go but she also 
asked if it was o.k. that her friend Melissa hang out with us also. I 
had no problem with it so we agreed to meet later that afternoon at the 
Disneyland Hotel. 

By the time Summer was ready to go and by the time we left to go to the
portrait studio, there was already a three hour line ahead of us. 
Figuring we didn't have enough time to get our pictures taken before 
Summer had to go into work, we scrapped thw whole idea and went out for 
dinner instead. This had been our third attempt at getting our pictures 
taken and for some reason or another, it never quite worked out.It was 
symbolic. Somehow, God didn't want us yto have our pictures taken. It 
seemed He had other plans in store. 

Later that afternoon, I was a little early at meeting Wendy and Melissa
so I decided to get a drink or two at the bar. By the time the girls 
showed up, I felt nice and relaxed. I went up to them and Wendy 
introduced me to her friend Melissa. Melissa was pretty cute, about 5 
ft 4, copper red hair, a very fair complexion that was sprinkled here 
and there with freckles and some dark, penetrationg eyes. Not only 
that, but she was very friendly too. On the way up to the Monorail 
station, I asked her if she was a "real redhead". She didn't seem to 
understand what I meant by that so I went ahead and explained what I 
had heard about true redheads. Was it true that they were horny all the 
time? Was it true that when they became angry, it was the wrath of God? 
Was it true that they were passionate and great lovers? She seemed 
rather embarassed by these questions, but the funny thing was that she 
never denied any of it. For some twisted reason, my mind was hoping to 
find out. But as soon as that thought entered my head I immediately got 
rid of it. I couldn't even consider doing anything with Melissa. First 
of all, she was too young. I had asked her how old she was and she had 
told me that she had just turned 15. Despite how hungry I was for any 
kind of sexual attention, I couldn't do anything with Melissa.  But 
she was making it hard. Very hard. All evening long, she was an 
incredible flirt. Her personality was the most overpowering feature 
though. She was so different from any girl I had ever met. So was so 
alive and so fresh. 

Eventually, the evening came to an end and I had to take the girsl home.
I took Wendy home first, then I took Melissa home. I wanted to spend 
more time with her and even joked to her about sneaking out of the 
house. She went inside and I sat out in my car....waiting. I waited for 
about ten minuted before I realized that she was not going to come out. 
What in the world was I thinking? Did I honestly like this girl that I 
had just met for the first time only a few hours ago? Was it because I 
was lonely? Was it because she was so different from the serious and 
dull personality of Summer? I didn't know the answers. As I drove home 
that night, all I could think of was what I great time I had with 
Melissa. Even though I knew it was impossible, I secretly hoped to see 
her again and soon. 

to be continued.... it get's better and better...


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