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Strange surroundings (standard:humor, 315 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Sep 12 2005Views/Reads: 2287/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
In a dimly lit room, a clock chimes midnight. A mystery man stumbles upon a mysterious box and opens it. What is inside the box?

Something moved in the cupboard. 

It was quite dark, late at night. In fact, the clock had just chimed

At the bottom of the cupboard, under a heap of old shoes and clothing
not worn for years, was a cardboard box. Inside the box were some 
dusty, faded toys. There were some sock puppets, a marionette, a 
stuffed giraffe, a pair of groovy Barbie and Ken dolls, a train with 
two wheels missing, a wooden soldier whose sword had been broken in 
some long-forgotten battle, and several jigsaws. And a strange buzzing 
noise coming from inside the box. 

He brought his ear to the box and the buzzing noise vibrated against his
ear. He stuck his head inside the box and the toy came alive. 

A black buzzing cloud chased him around the strange room. 

" Let me outta here!" 

A few strange thoughts ran though his head while he was being chased
around this strange house. 

Why does it smell like bacon cooking ? 

The room was strange too. He didn't recognize any of the furniture. 

A bunch of booths and stools? 


Where am I? 

And his clothes, although they were a good fit, surely didn't belong to
him? He'd never had an apron. Or a nametag! 

As he followed the scent of bacon, he found the kitchen.  The black
buzzing cloud stopped chasing him and settled down in a booth in the 
corner. He sat down on a stool  trying to puzzle out answers to all 
these questions, he slowly became aware of something in the back pocket 
of his trousers. Something hard. He put his hand in his pocket and 
pulled it out. 

A cookbook! 

He looked out to the window again and looked at the blinking neon


Aha! said the laughing dentist.  That's when he remembered it was his
turn to cook breakfast for the killer bees. 


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