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Roxanne ! ( A tale of terror) (standard:horror, 1492 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Oct 06 2005Views/Reads: 2334/1376Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Not for the squeamish!

The hitchhiker stood alongside the highway wrapped in a shawl. A  slight
drizzle was on and the night was cold and windy. Frank who was driving 
in that direction ,and seeing from the figure that it was a woman 
pulled up alongside.her. “Can I give you a lift?” He offered. 

The figure smiled at him and replied, “You sure can ,mister.” Frank
opened the door and she got in. .He found a gear and drove on. She was 
a young woman about eighteen  ,blonde, with piercing green eyes “How 
come you are on the road at this hour ?” Frank inquired .curiously “My 
boyfriend left me because I won't  have sex with him,” she replied 
bluntly “Fine boy friend you have, ditching you like this and in this 
weather” Frank replied sarcastically . “Yeah,” She answered evenly, 
“He's a  bastard all right, but I will get even !” she said bitterly. 
“How far do you live from here? Frank asked “A few miles down the road” 
she replied quickly “Perhaps you can come in and have some coffee,” She 
suggested, with a bright smile ,which revealed perfect lily white teeth 
“You look like a nice man.” “You mean you live alone?, asked Frank . 
“Not really, I have a room mate,” she replied evenly,” but she's out of 
town, gone to see her parents”. “Oh, I see” ,replied Frank “ By the 
way, my name is Roxanne,” 

“That's a pretty name , mine's Frank,” he offered smiling, ”Reminds me
of a movie I saw years ago called “Cyrano!” “Cyrano?” she asked raising 
her brows curiously “Yes ” he replied ,”He was a master swordsman who 
had a huge nose, and any one who taunt him about it ended up dead.!” “ 
Wow!” she said  amazed ,”He was sure sensitive about it” “Yes, he 
certainly was,” Frank said adding,” Any way, he had a secret love for 
his cousin  Roxanne ,but he was so sensitive about his nose, that he 
declined to tell her.” “His cousin?” she asked surprised. “Yes, They 
could  marry in those days.” “And what happened? ”she asked. “Well” He 
continued,” Roxanne fell in love with a fellow named Christian ,but 
Christian was a shy young man, and he didn't know how to express his 
love for her so. he told  Cyrano who was also a Poet and a friend of 
his . Cyrano  agreed to speak for him secretly ,as he did not want to 
reveal himself to her and Christian agreed ,.not knowing about Cyrano's 
secret love for her. of course. and with Cyrano's poetic  words, 
Christian had won her over and they were happily married.” “Wow, that's 
a great story” She said in a child's voice,” and what happened to 
Cyrano?,” she asked curiously. Frank noticed that her voice would 
change in to a child's voice occasionally, but gave it no thought “ 
Well” he replied clearing his throat,,” He became an alcoholic, and was 
killed when a coach that ran over him” “How sad !”she said 

They drove in silence a few more miles and the young lady said “You can
stop here now, please.” Frank looked out of the window at the house. It 
stood a sort distance away from the road in what he surmised an 
isolated area, he couldn't see any other building nearby which he 
thought was strange. It  was a small bungalow with  a little garden in 
front . Roxanne got out and invited him  and told him to follow. They 
walked down a narrow footpath to the door. 

Frank stood motionless as  the girl opened the door. 

Once inside, the girl switched on the lights, which revealed a very
modern living room, with a fifty inch TV which faced a long cream 
leatherette sofa opposite. On the coffee table was a pile of women's 
magazines “You can sit down and make yourself comfortable while I go 
and make the coffee”She suggested with a smile. . Frank sat down as the 
girl went into the kitchen. 

A strange feeling  of dread  washed over him, as he sat down.. Something
wasn't right!  but he couldn't figure out what! .He took up a magazine 
and began browsing through uninterested. “Are you married “ The girl 
asked suddenly from the kitchen “Use to be, but that was five years 
ago! 'Frank replied “I am sorry”she replied. “That's okay,I tried ,but 
it didn't work out! ”replied Frank, “I guess we were incompatible” “How 
do you like your coffee? “ She asked, “Black!” Frank replied “Okay, a 
black coffee coming up !” She came out of the kitchen, holding a cup 
and saucer .and handed it to him. Frank took it and smiled, Thanks!” 
“Drink  while I go and change into something more comfortable”.she 
suggested. Frank took a sip.” Hmmm, tastes great! ”he said. pleasantly 
“Thanks “she replied She turned and walked behind a curtain .which hung 
over a doorway . As He sipped the brew, he wondered what the night 
would unfold . He still felt uneasy. 

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