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Landslide (standard:romance, 301 words)
Author: kathygAdded: Oct 11 2005Views/Reads: 3033/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Silence is like a landslide that builds a slow, cold wall of indifference.

"Why did you leave the seat up last night? I almost fell in, it wasn't

She stomped into the kitchen like a warrior in the morning. Not a
morning person, she needed that one cup of coffee to breathe life into 
her mind. Pouring the coffee into the cup, she brings it to her lips 
and takes a deep sip. It is like cynergy the way it revitalizes. 

"Are you still in there?" 

No response. 

"Come on, it's been since Tuesday since you talked to me. What did I do
that is so terrible that you haven't uttered a syllable to me?" 

No response. 

"You are a complete rat. Making me sit at the bathroom door like a
blubbering idiot. Are you satisfied now?" 

No response. 

"Okay. Sit on your throne and rot. I'm going out. I will take your car,
spend all your money and laugh in your face." 

No response. 

"You are like a wall of stone. Cold. Dead. Lifeless." 

The bathroom door opens. 

"Okay, I'll talk to you. Mary? Where are you? What's burning? Why is it
so smokey in here?" 

He crawls to the front door, finds it locked. A note attached is barely

"You paint yourself as an iceberg when you are a potential bonfire.
Enjoy your fate!" 

He panics and tries every door and they are all locked... 

"I'm sorry Mary. We should have talked... We should have communicated...

"What have I done to you? To us?", he sobs uncontrollably. 

"Mary? Come back, I'm sorry." 

A landslide of silence and unforgiveness takes the very life out of the
happy home and all that is left is ashes and shame. There are no "I'm 
sorry's. No looking back. No tomorrows. Only what could have been 
scattered in the air like ashes to the flame. 


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