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On the Prowl (standard:mystery, 9351 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: Sarah SpenserUpdated: Nov 15 2005Views/Reads: 2184/1300Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Allison Shure is assigned to investigate a harmless cat burglar calling himself The Eagle. But when he kills his first victim, Allie is pressured to uncover his identity. In retaliation, he kidnaps her daughter, can Allie uncover The Eagle's identity in

On the Prowl Book Jacket Information 

Crime reporter Allison Shure Cassidy is assigned to investigate a cat
burglar who is targeting homes in Fallwood, Connecticut. The burglar is 
relatively harmless, until  he graduates to murdering his victims. As 
more people turn up dead, Allison and the local police are under 
intense pressure to find the perpetrator now calling himself The Eagle. 
Allison begins to uncover The Eagle's identity, when her daughter is 
kidnapped. Can Allison uncover The Eagle's identity and save her 
daughter? This story takes place 6 years in the future. Which would be 

Sequel to Double Jeopardy 

1. Close to Home 

Allison Shure Cassidy stared at the mountain of paperwork that lay
untouched on her desk. She couldn't believe how much her workload had 
increased in the last few weeks. She had come a long way from being 
just another reporter, to a virtual town celebrity. Allison hosted her 
own show Eye on Crime, which profiled several suspects  each week and 
had a call in number so viewers could provide tips. The pilot had been 
shot 6 years earlier, and since then the show had rocketed to channel 
Six's number 1 spot. Doug Stanton the head of WFTR News was pleased and 
had promoted Allison to senior investigator. She glanced at the papers 
again and took a deep breath. 

As she began to read the newest report on the Fallwood cat burglar, she
caught sight of the photos that lined her desk. Her husband Detective 
Connor Cassidy smiled back at her from one picture, while their 
six-year-old daughter Franchesca peered at her curiously from another. 
Allison smiled as she thought of her family, it was all she ever 
wanted, and now life was perfect. She tried to focus on the task at 
hand and went back to reading the report. The cat burglar had launched 
a spree across Fallwood. He seemed relatively harmless and Allison 
thought that the local police would catch him soon. But it was the talk 
of the town, and would be a featured story on the next episode of Eye 
on Crime. She began to make some mental notes when she was interrupted 
by a knock on the door. "Come in," she called sitting a little 
straighter in her chair. Doug Stanton smiled at her from behind wire 
rimmed glasses. An affable man in his late fifties, he possessed a 
charisma that few had. His graying brown hair and haunting dark eyes 
added to his appeal along with his southern accent. 

He took a seat across from Allison and appraised her. Allison had the
most captivating blue eyes, almost as blue as the ocean, her serene 
face was framed by her shoulder-length dark brown hair. She was slender 
and her affable personality made her even more beautiful. She smiled at 
him as she pushed her paperwork aside. She watched as a younger man 
entered, tall good complexion with wavy dark hair and almond eyes. "Hi, 
Allison. I'd like you to meet Larry Logan. He's our new reporter. 
Larry, this is Allison Shure our senior investigator." Larry stretched 
out his hand and shook Allison's. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He 
said smiling at her. She liked him, found him charming in an 
interesting sort of way. "Likewise, welcome to WFTR." She smiled warmly 
and he was instantly captivated. Larry excused himself and closed the 
door behind him. "He seems nice." Allison said looking at Doug for 
approval. "I think he'll make a nice addition to the team. Listen, I 
came to talk to you about something else. The Eagle's struck again." 
"Was anyone hurt?" she asked with concern. He patted her hand to 
prepare her for the news to follow. "Unfortunately, Sheila Dillard is 
dead." "He ransacked the Dillard's? What about Joe?" Joe and Sheila 
Dillard had been married for nearly fifty years, and were essentially 
the golden couple of Fallwood. Usually a quiet community, crime like 
this was rare. But as The Eagle tightened his grip on Fallwood, the 
town was paralyzed with fear. "He's in critical condition at Fallwood 
General. The doctors don't think he'll make it through the night. 
Allison, Joe's in a coma." She gasped shocked by the news. The 
Dillard's had baby-sat for Allison when she was little, and held a 
special place in her heart. Sheila was like an aunt, and she choked 
back a sob as she realized she was gone. Just like her mother, 
senselessly taken at the hands of a madman. Flashbacks of her mother's 
car jacking and murder raced through Allison's mind. Marie had been a 
beautiful woman inside and out, always willing to lend a helping hand, 
until that fateful day. 

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