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Rhian (standard:romance, 2030 words)
Author: Matt ZeeAdded: Oct 25 2005Views/Reads: 2193/1385Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
She was amazing. She saved me.

I believe strongly in miracles. I believe that they happen everyday, and
whether a person chooses to notice or not, miracles are occurring all 
around. Everybody will get their miracle. My miracle occurred just a 
short while ago, and it came in the form of a girl named Rhian. 

About a year ago I woke up one morning and realized my life wasn't going
as well as I thought it should. Nasty fights with friends, the death of 
a family member, an overload of work, and, more than anything, the 
energy it takes to make everything look alright, were affecting me in 
all the wrong ways, and I found myself depressed. Then, just as I 
thought things couldn't get worse, I found myself in an awful string of 
arguments with my family, followed by the death of a friend in a car 
accident. I wanted to do one thing all day long; and that involved 
never getting out of bed.  Seemingly oblivious to my despondency, my 
parents informed me that they had signed me up for acting classes. 
After a great dispute with my parents, I reluctantly agreed to go. 

Saturday (the day of my first class) rolled around and my Mother dropped
me off downtown. The building where the classes were held was old and 
funky, and had the look of a building you've driven by a thousand times 
but never took the time to venture in. I opened the door and was a 
little taken back by what I saw inside. There was no lobby to this 
building; no couches, lamps, or artwork in sight. Other than the cold 
cement floor and walls, there was only a staircase. I climbed the 
stairs up four floors until I got to a large steel door with the name 
of the acting school on it. There was also a little piece of paper 
taped to the door handle. “Knock loudly.” it said. I did, and then the 
door opened. I can hardly describe the beauty of the girl standing 
behind it. She was amazing. She had a tall, slender body that led right 
up to her long chestnut brown hair. She had incredible brown eyes that 
one could explore for hours, and lips that were so luscious and 
distracting that it took every ounce of self control to keep from 
kissing them right then and there. I tried to speak. 

“Hi, uh, is this where you learn to, uh-“ 

“Act?” she responded with a grin that bore perfect white teeth. 

“Yeah. That's right.” I coughed back nervously. She giggled at my

“Yes. So you made it up the building. Congratulations.” 

Her eyes sparkled as she laughed. 

“So what class are you looking for?” 

“Acting.” I said. 

“Well, duh.” she laughed, “But what teacher?” 

I looked down at the paper my mother had given me. I saw the name of the
teacher, but before I could tell her she laughed and pointed at a door 
down the hall. 

“That way.” she told me. “You'll be with Kate Shaw.” I looked at the
paper. My teacher's name was Kate Shaw. 


“No problem.” she smirked and began to turn away. 

“Oh- I didn't catch your name.” 

“Rhian.” She said. 

“I'll see you later Rhian.” Rhian winked, shot me another perfect grin,
and walked into the other room. 

“If every girl here's like that, I think I'm in for some fun,” I thought
to myself as I walked through the door. As soon as I walked in, every 
head in the room turned and looked at me. “You're late.” snapped a 
woman who must have been Kate Shaw. “Not good.” 

I apologized and she told me to sit down. I found out soon enough that

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