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Predator ! (standard:horror, 1750 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Nov 01 2005Views/Reads: 2503/1631Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Collins was a loner who had a dark side.

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lolling in a swivel chair opposite his chief. "Another one by the 
Phantom Killer in Dalousie last night , same M.O.” said Peterson evenly 
“We have got a lot of work ahead of us, Ralph, we are dealing here with 
a vicious serial killer! ” “Yeah, but this is a new slant ripping out 
the victims'throats!”.replied Peterson. “That‘s what bothering me, 
Ralph, serial killers usually strangle their victims or use some sort 
of weapon.”It seems as if some animal is at work” “Maybe it's a 
werewolf” If you ask me,” Forster smiled, He was in one of his rare 
good moods. "A werewolf ? in this age,Ralph? come on ,give me a break, 
you've been seeing to many horror movies " “ Don't laugh, James," said 
Peterson, picking up a sheet of paper from his desk. ”I've been doing 
some research “, he said looking at the sheet,”it says here that if a 
werewolf bites you and you don't die, you're doomed to turn into a wolf 
once a month! “ 

Forster laughed scornfully. 

Undaunted, Peterson continued his reading,”To discover the identity of a
werewolf, you wound it and search for a similar wound on a human. In 
some legends, the werewolf becomes a vampire after its death and as 
with vampires, these creatures can be sexy and/or scary and are usually 
portrayed as stronger than mere mortals 

“Where did you get that ?”asked Forster 

“On the Internet” 

“Well, forget that nonsense,Ralph, and let's do some modern
investigation.  He got up and walked over to a map of Calgary on the 
wall.It displayed six coloured pins on the locations of the previous 
five murders. 

The next night in Downtown Calgary. 

A security guard was on his way to work when he heard a low growl coming
from a hallway. He saw a figure move.The figure moved again.and he 
finally saw what he was looking for. A huge wolflike creature crouched 
on the floor. The wolf stared at him, but the man's brain only 
registered it's size and the eyes. They held him there, freezing him in 
place.As the light crept over the figure, the man watched as the eye 
changed colour, at first, it was yellow then it changed into a piercing 
green.then the figure seems to float towards him and everything went 

Then a huge wolflike creature emerged from the building. A patrol
cruiser was in the vicinity ,when the occupants Constable Smith and his 
pardner Joe Hendricks saw the creature. ‘Shit! Do you see what I see ? 
“Yeah,but I can't believe it!.. look at it's size!... let's 
give chase,man” The creature raced along the side walk at an incredible 
speed,It was humanoid in shape,it's upper body had a huge wolf like 
head . It's breath heaved in and out, spuming clouds of steam before 
him.  It's great shaggy chest raised and lowered, and it's powerful 
shoulders The cops got out and gave chase,.guns drawn. The 
creature turned into an alleyway .It was a deadend. The cops flashed 
their torch lights and gasped .as the creature turned and looked at 
them  menacingly . it made a loud growland was about to springon them 
when Officer Joe squeezed off three shots in succession.. The shots 
caught it in mid air and spun it around. It slammed into Officer Smith, 
throwing him off his feet. He fell backwards, heavily onto the 
sidewalk, knocking the wind out of him. The creature snarled, saliva 
drooling on the officer, then got up quickly and tried to get away. 
Officer Hendricks emptied his service revolver into it. It gave a loud, 
painful blood curdling scream as the bullets entered  it's body. It 
began twitching,awhile, then lay still.. A crowd of curious onlookers 
formed around the fallen creature, keeping a safe distance as it began 
to changing slowly into a man. The crowd gasped in disbelief at the Officer hendricks went quickly over to his fallen 
pardner. “You okay,buddy?' He asked.concerned. Yeah,I will live, did 
you get it?” “Yeah I got it allright, the bastard change into a man!”it 
was a werewolf.all right” you gotta be kiddin” As if by magic an 
ambulance appeared,  Theattendants took up the corpse and driven away 
They found his ID card and Address book in a wallet and decided to 
check out his home. The police were shocked by what they found at his 

The place was ransack and paraphernalia of voodoo and exotic trophies
were found every where There was also a poster of the movie “The 
Wolfman” starring Lon Chaney Jr pasted on a wall. On a coffee table was 
a diary. Constable Peterson picked it up and flipped through the pages 
and was astonished at what he read : 

October 23rd : I cannot go on like this, killing innocent people because
of my curse of being a werewolf. I am responsible for the five killings 
that took place recently here in Calgary .  I was bitten by a werewolf 
while in the woods in Romania.An old gypsy told me that since I 
survived I would change into a werewolf every month. I laughed in her 
face putting it down to superstition. But I know better now . it's 
true!as I began feeling different, a craving for meat and blood 
engulfed me. My first kill was a child in Romania. They blamed a wild 
wolf on the loose. But I did it. I can't go on like this living the 
rest of my life under this dreaded curse I know what I have to do to 
end this dreaded curse and I ask forgiveness for all the suffering I 
have caused. But under the curse, I cannot control my self, and I 
cannot go on like this any longer  .The blood lust was too strong. This 
will be my last entry. Tonight I will go into Calgary...which I hope 
will be my last night..May all forgive me. 

He handed the Diary over to Forster and smirked .“What Did I tell you.” 

At his home, Chief Inspector Forster, looked at himself in the mirror
and said to himself “I am glad they caught him .Damn! Calgary is to 
small for TWO werewolves” and began turning into a wolf! 


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