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Predator ! (standard:horror, 1750 words)
Author: Michael Lance KerstingAdded: Nov 01 2005Views/Reads: 2437/1572Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Collins was a loner who had a dark side.


Calgary 2003 

( A seedy area in the Downtown area. Overhead the stars twinkled like
diamonds in the dark sky, ) 

The prostitute was walking a bit unsteadily along the sidewalk. As she
passed a shadowy alleyway, a hand struck like a snake and wrapped 
around her mouth, dragging her into the darkness with such strength 
that she was lifted entirely off the ground.There was a loud growl. She 
kicked wildly but hit only air. A drunk sleeping nearby heard the 
slurping sounds, He got up and staggered towards it. He was just in 
time to see a huge figure crouching over the body. “Hey!” he cried out. 
The figure turned and looked at him. Blood and scraps of meat hanging 
from it's huge mouth. Horrified, the drunk tried to run , but it was 
too late . The figure crouched, and with a loud growl,sprang onto the 
fleeing figure. 

They found the mutilated bodies the next day, their throats ripped out. 

This was the fourth and fifth victims of a series of brutal murders with
the same modus operandi and the RCMP couldn't figure out.They knew that 
the typical serial killer either strangled or use some weapon to kill 
his / her victims, but this one uses neither, and it seems just brute 
strength and savagery When word leaked out to the public, speculation 
was rife, “A werewolf,possibly?” some one suggested.(Every one laughed 
at that “A rabid animal n the loose?” was another suggestion.Anyway, 
the hunt for the killer intensified, while Calgarians held their 
breath. Women now walked in pairs during the night.and plain clothes 
detectives were every where working under cover in the entire downtown 

It was about 12.30 am on a chilly October night when Frank Collins
boarded the Transit bus to downtown Calgary. 

Dalousie.A suburb in Calgary . 

A man walked slowly next to the Transit Station at Dalhousie Road.He
staggered a little. A slight drizzle was on, so he pulled up his collar 
and stuck his hands into the coat pockets for warmth when he saw the 
cat near an alleyway. At first, he couldn't believe his eyes, it was 
the biggest cat he had ever seen, lily white, and lying on the sidewalk 
watching him steadily. “ Must be the drinks playing tricks with my 
eyes” he thought and brushed his eyes withisunsteadyhands. Being an 
animal lover, he called out to it and approached cautiously. “Come 
here, boy” he cried softly, beckoning it towards him. The cat got up, 
turned, and walked slowly away towards the shadowy alleyway. “Here, 
Kitty, Kitty ,” He called out again, ”Come here, boy, Daddy's going to 
take good care of you !'He sniled. The cat continued walking away, but 
kept looking back at him occasionally, it's huge green eyes almost 
hypnotic with intensity.A strange feeling crept over the man, He felt 
as if the cat was actually calling him! compelling him to follow. He 
followed as if in a trance. At the entrance of the alleyway, he stopped 
and looked sharply in the darkness, and all he saw were the huge 
piercing, green eyes of the cat staring at him intensely, then it 
disappeared suddenly. A cold chill ran through his body. He felt 
something was amiss. A feeling of fear and dread engulfed him,as he 
stood looking.he wanted to run but he couldn't move! . Transfixed, he 
heard a loud growl coming from the darkness as a huge wolflike creature 
emerged from the alleyway. Total shock, dread and disbelief registered 
in the man eyes! 

With a loud snarl, the creature reached out and grabbed him by the
collar, lifting him off his feet with furry claw like paws,.Saliva 
drooling from it's mouth, it's eyes burning with intensity ,Wit a low 
growl it bit into the man's throat and ripped it out.Then began licking 
the warm blood that oozed from the gaping wound! 

Having quenched it's thirst,it threw the body aside like a rag doll
against a wall,then raised it's head and howled at the moon in a 
painful wail,then began changing back into it's human form . The next 
day at the Calgary Police Service Headquarters on 6 th Avenue, Chief 
Inspector Forster was at his desk, Type writers were clacking and 
telephones were ringing all over the place. His deputy, Peterson, was 

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