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I need to know (standard:drama, 202 words)
Author: KameaAdded: Nov 08 2005Views/Reads: 2029/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Struggling with conflicting emotions. Stay, or leave?

Feeling stuck, how do I get out? This situation that I'm in, all I have
is doubt. It's my fault I'm here, had plenty of opportunities to get 
away, But I'm scared of the unknown, I don't like where I am, but I 
think I'll stay another day. 

But day after day, I say I'll leave, I picture better times, but is that
what I really believe? Can things get better? Or will they only get 
worse? Will I regret my decision, does this sound absurd? 

Don't want to hurt him, but I hurt every day, Things have to get better,
isn't there another way? I'm the only one, who even makes the effort, 
And nothing I do, makes anything different. 

My friends reassure me, everyone tells me to get out, Maybe their all
right, but I still have so much doubt, What if I want to go back, but 
he doesn't want me, Then I'm all alone, and that's what I'm scared to 

I need a fortune teller, I need a crystal ball, I need someone who knows
it all, I need to know the begining, the middle and the end, I need to 
know, if I should leave him.


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