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Goodbye Daddy (standard:romance, 2984 words)
Author: DianneAdded: Dec 05 2005Views/Reads: 1881/1229Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
High school sweathearts fall in love, but they have a short journey together.

Goodbye Daddy 

By Dianne Herring 

Lucy screamed bloody murder, for Larry to stop the car, and let her see
her Daddy, as he drove on past her daddy’s Texaco service station. She 
did get a glimpse of her daddy, as they rode by. Never in her wildest 
dreams, did Lucy think it could be the last time she would see her 
daddy. You Son of a bitch, Lucy thought. 

Lucy’s daddy was working hard, as usual. He always walked sort of like a
slight limp, as if his shoes were hurting his feet. And, as a matter of 
fact, this was one reason he walked that way. Lucy’s Mama was always 
fussing at him, to go and buy himself some new shoes. But he never 
listened to much of anything she had to say. 

Lucy tried to control her sobbing, as she thought she had cried enough
for one day. Her eyes were swollen so bad she could hardly see. Of 
course Larry wasn’t paying any attention to Lucy, so she leaned her 
head back, and thought about her plan, with the sound of the old black 
and white clunker of Larry’s, in the background. 

Her plan was to get herself out of this mess she was in. This mess with
Larry was driving her to distraction. Some days she thought she was 
going insane. As Lucy leaned her head back, softly on the seat, she 
thought about the last few months of her life......., 

It had not been but a few months since Lucy walked down the isle of the
church to meet her high school sweetheart, Larry, waiting for her at 
the front of the church. Lucy was so proud of herself, knowing she was 
envied by many girls, who would have loved to be in her shoes. 

Her parents had begged her not to do this, but Lucy had her mind made
up, and there was no changing it. This was back in the 60’s, and it 
meant something to walk down that isle of the church, wearing a long 
white wedding gown. These days, Lucy wondered just what in the hell it 
did mean. After all, Larry didn’t love her. He didn’t know how to love 
anyone, and he had other things on his mind. Lucy wondered if what she 
felt for Larry was actually love, or infatuation., or something she 
didn’t know the correct word for an explanation of how she did feel 
about him. 

Lucy was very popular in high school. She had many academic
scholarships, and she was in the Beta Club. She was a Girl Scout, which 
she was really proud to be a part of. Lucy was voted, ‘ Most Friendly 
‘, her senior year. She loved being head cheerleader that year too, 
even though she didn’t know a damn thing about football. But, back in 
those days, this was every girl’s dream come true ! She was proud of 
herself for her accomplishments. And, of course, her parents were also. 

Lucy’s Mama made her the most beautiful dress for the Beauty Pageant, in
high school. She was chosen to be in the ‘ Top Ten ‘, but, she knew it 
was because of her dress. It was made of golden brocade material, and 
it had a panel down the back with soft golden velvet roses on it, as it 
slightly dragged the floor. 

Larry graduated from high school two years before Lucy. She really
missed seeing him at school. He was one of the most popular guys in 
school. He was tall blonde and handsome. He always played a guitar. 
Larry was the main member of the band he had put together. Back then, 
there was just something about a guy who played a guitar ! All of the 
girls just flocked to Larry, as he truly had charisma, to go along with 
his handsomeness. There were times when Lucy didn’t exactly trust him. 
She had seen him flirting, but he didn’t see her watching. 

Even though Lucy’s parents didn’t approve of her dating Larry, she
continued to do so. She met her girlfriends and they took her to meet 
him down the road. They rode around in Larry’s supped up car, and it 
was the fastest one in town. Lucy actually rode with him when he went 
drag racing, even though she was scared out of her mind. Of course, she 
didn’t let him know how scared she was, she had to be tough, or there 
would be someone else sitting beside him. 

Most of the time, when they were riding around, they ended up parking in

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