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Interviews with Guardian Angels (standard:Inspirational stories, 9945 words)
Author: GJELLISAdded: Dec 21 2005Views/Reads: 1831/1101Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A cynical newspaper man interviews the guardian angels of historical persons. His questions about the meaning of life are answered.

Interviews with Guardian Angels 

A Short Story by G J Ellis 

Weekly Column by Grant Durham: 

My usual column is full of derisions of the status quo, especially for
our political machinery that is usually bogged down and does not 
accomplish a thing. For those who have followed my newspaper column for 
the past 8 years, you know that I am not easily impressed by political 
figures from Washington or actors from Hollywood, but late yesterday 
afternoon, I had an experience that kept me sleepless all night. After 
tossing and turning for many hours, I finally surrendered and fired up 
my computer and sat down and committed to paper what you are about to 
read, but before you begin, I would like to thank my editor. In order 
to print what follows, she has put her job on the line. Shelly, thank 

As some of my readers know, after returning from Vietnam, I spent the
next few years preparing for the ministry at a seminary college but 
before I was ordained, I became disillusioned with the whole 
God/religion thing and dropped out and to add to my feelings, most of 
you are aware that my wife passed away three years ago, after a long 
bout with cancer. 

I have come to believe that man invented the concept of religion to
heighten our own sense of worth (or lack of it) and religion did not 
really point towards one all-powerful being. I believed that if there 
was ever a God, he must have gone on vacation or left this universe and 
concentrated his efforts somewhere else. A cynic? Most definitely! I 
asked; how could a loving God sit idol and let the world tear itself 
apart or let innocent young girls and boys meet death in the brutal 
circumstances we read about and see every day in the media? So, it is 
with deep trepidation that I tell my audience of what took place 

I have to submit a topic list to my editor each week for her approval.
So, during the late afternoon, when my writing is completed for the 
day, I sit at my desk, which is in a small, cluttered, private office 
with an opaque class door that filters out the light from the main 
office, and just ponder about the various topics I would like to 
address in my column in the weeks ahead. 

Locking my door, I retreated behind the desk and sat down and leaned
back. I let my mind drift along different ideas I had. After a minute 
or two, a shadow crossed my door. Looking up, I saw the dark image of 
someone standing at my door. Then I saw a hand move toward the door 
handle. It was locked of course and the door could not be opened. 

Everyone in the department knows not to disturb me during this time of
day. The person continued to try and move the handle. I yelled, “It's 
locked, go away!” The dark form did not leave, but neither did the door 
handle move again. Just as I was about to call again for them to leave, 
the door slowly swung open. Bathed in shadows, I saw the silhouette of 
a man standing in my doorway. 

Irritated, I said very loudly, “It's locked for a reason!” 

The person remained silent for a moment. Then he said in a very mellow
voice “I am sorry to disturb you.” 

“If you're sorry, then please leave.” The shadow did not move. “I am
afraid I cannot leave. I have a message for you.” 

“From who?” I asked. 

“May I come in?” Becoming a bit annoyed, I shot back, “You seem to be in
already. What is your message?” 

The man stepped through the doorway and as he did, the shadows fell away
from his face. He wore a dark suit, light blue shirt and dark tie. He 
was tall and appeared to be middle aged, about thirty-five. 
“Look...whoever you are, I don't know you so please leave or I'll call 
security!” His eyes were a dark brown contrasting with his blonde, 
short, wavy hair. “I am sorry if I startled you. Please bear with me a 

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