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love triangle (standard:romance, 5175 words)
Author: ebonyAdded: Dec 25 2005Views/Reads: 2366/1404Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
it is about a woman who old love come back into her life while she is figuring out about a new love.she is caught between them in a love triangle

“How you going to say I want to be with someone and then just leave out
of the blue,” I said louder then anything I had said before. “ I know 
it hurt because after I left nothing was the same,” he said as he 
walked over and touched my shoulder. “ I want thing back the way as 
were before I left” “they could never-“ I started to say but he stopped 
me with a deep kiss. It made things seem as if we were back in high 
school and were just in love. Nothing seemed to matter all I knew was I 
was in the arms of my love looking into his light blue eyes. I kiss him 
back as deeply as he had kissed me. He turned my kiss with a kiss on my 
neck then all over my body. Not wanting to stop myself I lifted my 
skirt and got on top of him. He kissed me again and said the words that 
bring me to tears “I love you.” Quickly, I got up and my skirt flowed 
back down to my knees then as quickly as I got up I said “ Get out and 
don't touch me. Ever!” Escalade, girl get over here,” he said coming to 
me with his pants still to ankles. “ No Ronald. Just leave me alone. I 
don't love you anymore and should just get on with your life,” I said 
softer. “ Girl, now you know you love me and I love you,” he said. 
“Well your wrong I don't want to talk, have sex, or cuddle so go,” I 
said. “Fine I'm gone,” he said pulling his pants up and grabbing his 
coat and walking to the door and just as he touched the knob he said “ 
I know you love me,” then left. “The nerve,” I thought to myself “ how 
he going to try and come in here like he own me.” But I told myself he 
wasn't going to ruin my night. I grabbed my keys and coat and went out 
to my car. When I got to the restaurant James was waiting for me at a 
candle lit table with half a dozen roses for me. “Hi” I said as I sat 
down in the seat across from him, “sorry I'm late.” He handed me the 
roses and said, “it's okay.” We ate and talked until 10:30, then we 
left. He followed me to my apartment to make sure I got there safe. 
When we got there, he made the excuse that he had to go to the 
bathroom. So I went against my better judgement and let him in my 
apartment. Why did I do that? I knew that stupid fool did not have to 
go. Boy was I right. When we walked in he jumped on the couch, picked 
up the remote, and started flipping channels. I stood in my doorway 
tapping my foot, but he paid me no mind. “What, Did you forget about 
having to go to the bathroom?” I said angrily. “No, babe I decided to 
wait,” he said back. “Oh please, give me a break. Do I look stupid,” I 
thought to myself. Trying to end the night, I said, “Well I'm beat. Oh 
boy. Thank you, James for seeing me home. I'll see you around. Bye.” 
“What's your hurry?” he said. “I got to work in the morning, so bye,” I 
said quicker then before. “Oh so that's how you going to play me,” he 
said walking over to me. “ Yeah, well like I said I gotta work in the 
morning, but it was fun,” I said.” Maybe we could do it again.” “Okay” 
he said, “maybe next week.” “I'll call you to set up a date,” I said 
with a big grin. “Okay. Sure that could work.” He said slowly “Call me 
then.” “Aight, bye,” I said. He kissed me on my cheek and walked out 
the door. I slammed it behind him. “The nerve” I thought. I decided not 
to go to bed mad, so I put on my pj's and grabbed my half a gallon of 
sherbet ice cream and jumped in my favorite new love seat and turned on 
the TV. I hadn't missed my favorite show. I couldn't remember what it 
was about because I had too much on my mind. How Ronald going to just 
jump back in the picture and think I will just take him back?  The 
nerve of James lying to get in my house? Men! What do they think their 
god's gift to women? Around 12:45 I cut off the TV and put up my ice 
cream. I went in my room. I laid in the bed thinking about Ronald. Do I 
love him? Why did he leave? Can I love him? I guess I'll do what's in 
my heart.  I fell asleep with those questions on my mind. When I fell 
asleep, I dreamt of us. I dreamt that we were still juniors in high 
school. We were around our friends laughing and joking. Then the bell 
rang. Our friends went to their classes, Ronald and me started walking 
to my class. We hugged and he whispered “ I love you.” We kissed and I 
said, “I love you too.” I walked in class and he walked to his class. I 
don't think I was paying attention in class because I was writing him a 
letter. After the bell rang and I walked outside and Ronald was right 
there waiting for me. He greeted me with a kiss and a quick grin. 
School was over and we had the rest of the day together. We hopped in 
his truck and went to my house. We greeted my mom and said that we 
weren't staying long and I ran upstairs and changed my cloths and 
grabbed my keys. When I came downstairs Ronald was talking to my mother 
and sitting on the couch. “And where are you going today?” she asked in 
a motherly voice. “Out with a few friends to a party,” he said, “there 
will be no drinking or smoking on our part.” His answer seemed good 
enough for her because she said “ok just have her back at a reasonable 
hour.” He nodded and we left. On the way to the party, we stopped by 
his house because the party didn't start until 8 and it was only 3:30. 
“We got about four and a half hours until the party starts. My mom and 

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