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The Lucky Elf (standard:humor, 255 words)
Author: SashankAdded: Jan 07 2006Views/Reads: 2165/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Its a funny story about an elf set during Christmas time

There was an elf who had a long pointed nose. He wore curved pointed
shoes and a green button down shirt. He was sneaky and warm. It was 
Christmas time. The Central Park was decorated with Christmas trees. 
Right in the centre of the park, there was the tallest tree. It was 
decorated with a very big, shiny star studded with gems on its very 

At night, the sneaky elf, sneaked into the Central park. The moonlight
made the gem studded star sparkle. “Cool!” said the Elf. “I really have 
to get that star!” he said. 

He went near the special tree and he thought of a plan. He saw the candy
canes hanging on the Christmas trees. He started to climb the tree by 
holding onto the candy canes. When he was almost reaching the top, the 
candy canes started to melt because of his warm body. They were 
becoming a gooey mess. He held on to a nearby ornament and started to 
swing upwards. But he missed the star because he was too far! 

He fell down with a thud and all the candy cane glob fell on him
frosting him like a cake. And with all this shaking the gem studded 
star came falling down. The star landed right on his frosted head and 
the elf said “huh?” Then he rolled his eyes and said “Oh!” Now if you 
see an elf walking with a gem studded star on his head and frosted all 
over, you know which one it is!!! 


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