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Another Private Ryan (standard:action, 361 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Jan 08 2006Views/Reads: 2680/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Struggling GI in Iraq. Part 1 of 2.

While running under a barrage of bullets looking for his men Private
Ryan is hit. A young man brimming with life, he now faces what maybe 
his last moments in life. As the bullets whiz pass him hitting 
surrounding cars and striking the hot metal of his burning humvee, 
young Ryan reaches for his helmet nestling it hard against his head. 
Leaving the damaged radio, and subduing his fears young Ryan wonders 
off and just for a moment faintly remembers his high school days filled 
with drama and track. Yet upon hearing another blast from a mortar 
landing near him, Ryan quickly reaches for his M-16. Looking about and 
still seeing fire and bullets, Ryan kisses his cross bracelet  and rubs 
the tears from his face, rising now and squatting he musters courage 
and goes about searching for his comrades. Finally, seeing the small 
antenna waving strong this windy day, and ecstatic to see those with 
whom he has shared bullet injuries and laughs a many, young Ryan runs 
hard towards them shrieking for help. Just then another mortar lands on 
his beloved friends. Some dive for cover while others now blood ridden 
with metal debris, and so far away from the women and children who 
cherish them deep within their loved fill hearts, breathe their last. 
Ryan too ducks for cover, but with an injured thigh bleeding profusely 
he is able to dive just a few feet. The ensuing dust from the mortar 
blast smelling of burnt car parts covers him, including his face and 
his bleeding thigh. As the screams of injured men wane, Iraqi 
resistance fighters open up with their AKs. Rolling over to avoid the 
bullets and still calling out for help, Ryan finds himself a part of 
the territory over which bullets fly both ways. While mustering enough 
strength to move away from the bullets Ryan is hit once more, this time 
on his left shoulder and then again on his left foot. It is here in 
Falluja on Sept 29, 2004 Ryan McCartney son of Patrick J. Macartney and 
Eva Patrick is breathing his last. 

(end of part one, this is not a real story.) 


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