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On The Prowl chapter 4 (standard:mystery, 4987 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: Jan 21 2006Views/Reads: 1885/1137Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See if Allie and Connor are still avlive after their car plunges over the embankment!

4. Danger Ahead 

Officer Halum Glass was on his way home; he thought he'd take the scenic
route through Free River's deserted country roads. Hal had been on the 
police force for 15 years, and was regarded as one of the best this 
side of the county. His affable smile, vivacious personality, and 
easy-going demeanor made him an instant hit. Although his good looks 
didn't hurt either Hal was blessed with a generous amount of blond 
hair, complimented by his green eyes. As he drove the scenic route, he 
came to the embankment. More people had been killed there than in any 
other place. Hal had been on many calls where cars had inadvertently 
slid down the embankment. He always checked whenever he passed that 

As he approached, he noticed a car down at the bottom. Hal parked his
cruiser and ran down the embankment. There appeared to be two people 
inside; a man and a woman. He tapped on the driver's side window, but 
no one responded. Hal ran back to his cruiser and retrieved a crow bar. 
He pried the door open and shook the woman. She appeared to be injured. 
Blood trickled from a wound on her forehead, Hal felt for a pulse, she 
definitely had one. “Ma'am? Ma'am? Can you hear me?” Allison felt 
herself being shaken awake. She slowly opened her eyes dazed and 
confused. A tall man in uniform was standing over her with a 
flashlight. She moaned and looked at the man closely. “Ma'am? Are you 
okay?” “Who ... who are you? What happened?” “Your car must've slid 
down this embankment. Do you need an ambulance? Let me get some 
bandages for that cut on your forehead.” Allison didn't even realize 
she was injured, she watched the man leave her side and travel back up 
the embankment. Allie reached over and shook Connor. “Connor?” but he 
didn't respond, he just lay there motionless. “Connor! Wake up, 
sweetheart!” but nothing happened. He was still unresponsive. When Hal 
returned, Allison was still trying to wake Connor. “Is he your 
husband?” “Yes. He's not waking up! Please help him!” she began to sob 
hysterically. She couldn't .lose Connor, she just couldn't. “Okay, 
ma'am we'll send for an ambulance. What's your name? I'm Hal Glass from 
the Free River Police Department.” “I'm Allison Cassidy. This is 
Connor.” “Well, Mrs. Cassidy, let me get your husband out of the car 
and I'll call for an ambulance.” “Will he be all right?” Allison asked 
as her heart raced and panic filled every inch of her. “That's 
something the paramedics will assess.” Allison waited for what seemed 
like an eternity until she finally heard the shrill wail of sirens. Hal 
kept a close vigil over both her and Connor until the ambulance 
arrived. Other officers soon arrived on the scene equipped with the 
Jaws of Life. Allison watched as Connor was cut out of the car and 
loaded in to the ambulance. The men began to work on extricating 
Allison safely from the car. When they had crashed, the car had landed 
sideways and the roof had become bent and mangled. Allison listened to 
the metal cutter scraping diligently across the roof. 

Connor woke to bright lights and paramedics hovering around him. He was
strapped to a stretcher and was pinned to a backboard. He opened his 
eyes slowly and glanced around. “Allie? Allie, where are you?” one of 
the medics noticed Connor was awake and raced to his side. “Who's 
Allie?” “My wife. Where is she? Is she all right?” Connor tried to move 
off the stretcher, but the paramedic gently stopped him. “Stay still, 
sir. We have to assess your injuries.” “Have you heard anything on 
Allison?” “They're cutting her out of the car right now. DO you 
remember what happened?” Connor thought for a moment. “No ... I think 
we got in to ... an accident.” Several minutes later, Allison was 
wheeled into the ambulance. Connor smiled when he saw her. “Allie, are 
you all right, sweetness? Are you hurt?” “I'm fine, my love. How about 
you?” “I'm better now that I know you're okay.” He saw the bandage on 
her forehead and panicked. “What happened to you? You're hurt!” 
“Connor, relax. I just got a little cut that's all.” “Are you sure?” 
“I'm positive.” She said gently taking his hand. They held hands all 
the way to the hospital while the paramedics assessed both of them. 

Once at the hospital, they were examined and released several hours
later. They hail a cab to the site where their accident occurred, as 
the cab speeds off, Connor surveys the damage to the car. “I'm sorry.” 
Allie said beginning to sob. Connor pulled her into his arms and kissed 
her gently. “I ... I let you down. I let Francie down too. I ...” 
“Shh,” Connor said soothingly stroking her hair. “Allie, you didn't let 
anyone down. The important thing is that you're okay.” “But I ...” 
“Allison, stop blaming yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. You fell 

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