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Success (standard:fantasy, 1016 words)
Author: Alpha43Added: Feb 14 2006Views/Reads: 2057/1266Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
You get told about the successful career, and shown how easy it happens from a highly unusual individual.


What is the definition of the word “Success”?  Possibly success could be
described as “Without failure”.  Maybe it should be thought of as a 
“Satisfactorily completed deed or act”.  Success could mean “An 
acceptable act, statement, condition, or process”.  Which ever 
definition you prefer, success never has negative connotations, it is 
always thought of as a positive experience. 

Well, “Positive Experience” pretty much sums up my entire career. 
Please, please, do not think of me as a braggart. But facts are facts, 
and I defy anyone to find a single reference of failure or an 
unacceptable outcome for each and every assignment I have completed 
over the last few decades.  I've been told I often get a little too 
tickled with myself, but I do take issue with that! 

I must admit that even I was surprised at the unbelievable rate of
advancement I have achieved and that in itself is a slight problem, 
because there is no higher position to be attained; I've long ago 
reached the top.  Each additional satisfactorily completed assignment 
helps strengthen my confidence and bolster the depth of my abilities.  
So yes, I can positively state that my entire unique career has been a 
total success!  What more can one say? 

To be completely honest, not everybody who is involved in, or is a
witness to my dealings is happy about the outcome.  Often, no one is 
even remotely glad to be a part of the experience, and sometimes all of 
the people who have watched me in action are deeply saddened, can fall 
prey to depression, or occasionally may be approaching a suicidal 
state. Always the client himself is overjoyed, but many of the 
bystanders are awe-struck. 

Unanimous outbursts of obscenities and shouts of revenge or hatred are
widespread, and could be considered commonplace.  Mentally disabling 
worry, emotional chaos, and even physical mutilation can, and do occur 
at an alarmingly frequent rate for bystanders, even though the client 
is satisfied beyond belief 

The counseling I deliver, often in an amazingly short amount of time,
has made every recipient feel almost eager to proceed, even though they 
are often giving up an existing satisfactory situation.  This guidance 
helps people to appreciate the opportunity of making such a fulfilling 
advancement, after all, we are all creatures who resist or even fear 
change.   So my aide, encouragement, and guidance to head in a new, but 
far better direction is always a self-satisfying act for me, but an 
even more enlightening experience for the principal character, once he 
or she sees the light.  Thus, sweet success. 

I do admit that I seem to spend an awful lot of time in hospitals,
nursing homes, and high traffic intersections, but hey, that's where 
the action is!  This is almost a treat today because my first 
appointment is in a gym, or a physical fitness center, and even more 
unusual is my client, an attractive 37 year old high school teacher, 
Brenda Cassidy. 

Let's see, Ms. Cassidy is a University of Michigan graduate, 2 years in
Nicaragua with the Peace Corp., post graduate classes, married for 19 
months, Brian Cassidy, until he was fatally wounded in Bosnia almost 7 
years ago.  No kids and no serious relationships since her lose.  I 
have to say that I would not have seen this one coming, not your 
typical candidate.  But I see Brenda has actually prayed and pleaded 
for this opportunity, so let's see if we can make this a smooth go. 

She looks so athletic, with such a pretty face, but she definitely has
that sadness, sorrow set deep in her eyes.  OK, She has been on the 
treadmill for about 10 minutes so let's tweak her just a little bit.  
It will take just a second or so.  There!  Did you see her eyes spring 
open, that sadness replaced by a little fear.  Great, she's taking this 
serious, she's hanging on to the handrails now and she's slowing down 
her jog on the belt.  Just a little stronger tweak this time and maybe 
she will notice me.  Once they see me, showing that startled look, I 
can chalk another one up, they are mine! 

That did it, she's blinking rapidly, slowing more, some gasps, and yes,
she sees me.  I enjoy that look “Where did you come from?”, but deep 

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