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Dream (youngsters:fantasy, 399 words)
Author: Rashmi MannAdded: Mar 03 2006Views/Reads: 6855/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About my dream


Dream!-Can you imagine about pink mountains and silver sky?Can you
imagine about cherry caves?Can you imagine about huge strawberries 
dipped in chocolate which love eating humans.This is certainly 
wierd.This can never be imagined but still it is a dream. An unsolved 
mystery which is pretty magical and amazingly funny.............. 

A wierd funny dream 

I saw my self riding on a horse to school in skirts and everyone beside
me were riding camels.Maybe the population of camels out there was more 
than that of people.Big neem trees talking to each other and throwing 
thier small branches at me as if they were roadside romeos.Where the 
hell i am??it certainly is a dream and i pinched myself hard,but the 
moment i pinched myself my black fine horse started galloping like 
anything! Shit i cried,wherethehell am i? what the hell am i 
doing?Where is my mom and dad?ample of crazy questions were running 
through my mind,,,..aaahhhhhaah i went,i was getting mad every 
second.Finnaly i reached my school which had turned into a huge castle 
with thumbsized angels flying over the top was so 
was completely made in gothic architecture,and there were chariots 
instead of cars in the school's parking lot,everyone in my school was 
strangely dressed and the funniest thing was seeing my stout principle 
dressed in red silken cloak.i wondered what century am i living in and 
weather i am in my mother land or some european magical world?what has 
happened to my school and surroundings??the moment i said 
this,everything changed,everything became extremely strange,day changed 
into school went away somewhere flying in the air.Moon 
developed eyes,nose and a mouth,my black horse changed into a cat with 
silver fur which chanted chemical formulas like songs- NaCl +H2O =I 
DONT KNOW!..chanted the cat again and again.My pet parrot came flying 
and started dancing as if he was drunk.Such strange things were 
happening to me that it was hard to understand,where am i?what am i 
doing?maybe that time,i had even forgotten who am i? Many strange 
things happened to me but they were confusing and harmless.who knew the 
danger lied in the next drem.finnaly ,shrieking sound sound of my alarm 
clock woke me up.i got up with a jerk and i realized that the wierd 
thing i went through was nothing but a odd,so unimaginable, i 
said to myself.but the next dream proofed that everything was true and 


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