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Daydream (standard:humor, 301 words)
Author: ShutUp,I'mWriting...Added: Apr 12 2006Views/Reads: 1954/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is just my memory of the other day. It's not particularly funny, but I couldn't think of any other category to place it under.

I really like this guy; I think he's noticed. He's always looking at me,
smiling. I'm getting really freaked out. I don't know if he likes me 
too. Should I ask him out? 

Yes, another tiny dilemma in her life, the life of Kyle Pratt. (That's
me, in case you didn't already guess!) I always fall for fit boys; it's 
like falling into hidden traps. It gets really annoying sometimes. 
There was a classic example the other day: Brennan talked to me! 

I guess I could've handled the situation better, but it kinda snuck up
on me, almost like time. It always creeps up on me. He came over to ask 
me for the time. I went bright red; Clarissa (My best friend) even told 
me so. I dropped all my books, and tripped on my skirt. I reckon he 
thought I was a right idiot! 

Oh no! Here he comes now. What should I do? What should I say? Should I
turn around? Should I ignore him? 

“Hey, Kyle!” Oh no! I think he's going to laugh about what happened the
other day. Help! 

“Kyle!” I look at him. I can feel my cheeks going red again. “Um... I
was wondering...” I think he's going to embarrass me. “Uh... do you... 
um... do you want to go to the dance with me? On Thursday?” Do I 
what?!?! Of course I do! What loser wouldn't?! 

“Yeah, uh... ok.” I'm getting redder! “Thursday, right?” 

“Yeah, Thursday...” 

Ok I guess I handled that well. At least he asked me! Anyway, I've gotta
go, I need to buy a dress for the dance. 

(That was kinda what I was dreaming about in school the other day. I had
to write it down & publish it ‘cos I can't get it out of my head!) 


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