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troble for the 50th (standard:science fiction, 875 words)
Author: imnotokayAdded: May 02 2006Views/Reads: 1843/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
it is a short 40k novel that i have just started to write. it is based on a chaos world and the imperial gaurd and black templars are landing to recapture the world for the emporier.

This is my story and it's to do with an imperial guard regiment and a im
hoping to turn this idea into a book. Btw this is only a rough guide to 
what I want it to be as im not sure I might not include dialogue at 
first in this rough. 

There company is called the "helotas 50th" and are especially good at
marksman ship and are know for holding the line against overwhelming 
odds. They are in a crusade for the Segmentum Obscurus. And they are 
fighting the siege to take the mighty Fortress world Mordax Prime. And 
are facing fierce opposition from Traitor Guardsmen, Cultists (who are 
numerous but ill trained) and finally the mighty traitor Space Marine 
Legions of Chaos. On this world the forces of Chaos are entrenched 
deeply. and the helotas 50th along with the 45th,46th,47th and 120th 
and along with a battalion size force of Black Templar's (Who are a 
crusading force and have no home world and live in a fleet of ships.), 
and a armoured division from the heart of the Cadia system. and there 
was reports in the first stages of the fighting off the mysterious 
"Legion of the Dammed" appearing to aid the Black Templar's and the 
50th in capturing the "beach head" on the planet as they encounter 
fierce resistant's from a company off alpha legion and 2 battalions of 
cultists. Taken From "The Archives off Crusades off Legend." 

Intro to the story: Now the siege of the main city has begun this is
were we first encounter the 50th and there leader Colm. Luke Destril. 
Who likes to lead from the front with his force while Lord General 
Balton commands from the "safety" off the HQ. 

Chapter 1: The Landing! 

As the Troopship came in to land private Jamie Destril, Colm. Destrils
Only Son can feel every bone in his body shaking. He can feel his heart 
racing with the adrenaline of the rapidly approaching battle. he see's 
sergeant Datherial stand up and get near the door his las rifle slung 
on his shoulder and grasped by his left hand to keep it close to his 
body. "5 seconds" says the pilot over the vox. As trooper Destril 
looked around he could only see the 4 opposite him because off the 
restraints. They were troopers Thasos, Ballon, Kenstiff and Junut. He 
knew he had troopers Zrehl and Ikuru. He had known Ikuru all his life, 
he had lived in the next had and they had grown up with dreams off 
joining the Guard. This was going to be their "Trial by Fire" as the 
officers called it. There first real combat mission. Their training had 
been really hard but they were in one off the best Regiments of the 
Helotas imperial guardsmen. They knew they would have help from the 
Adeptus Astartes but not just any they were being aided by the Space 
Marines of Legend "The Black Templars". 

The Loading Ramp Light Turned to Amber and they all felt a sudden thump
as the thrusters kicked in to steady there landing. "Green Light Go Go 
Go Go" said the sergeant. The ramp dropped and suddenly the clatter of 
heavy stubbers and auto rifles could be heard the sarge was the first 
out along with Kentriff and Ballon close behind him and in the blink of 
an eye the sarges head was gone. And Kentriff was on the floor holding 
in his guts, Ballon had got out and now then 17 other troopers started 
to pour out of the transport onto the battle field troopers to the left 
and to his right were being felled by hard ammunition. There looked 
like rag dolls being thrown back as the hard bullets of the autorifles 
hit them point blank nearly. They had missed the drop, and had landed 
on top of an enemy trench system. He could see the black Templars 
thurderhawks landing the black Templars onto the battle next to 10th 
squad. Destril was in the trench now, hugging the walls for cover. He 
shoot a cultist through the head as he charged him with a curved blade, 
and shoot 2more manning a heavy stubber. He was now with 4 more men 
they were Junut, Ikuru and Thasos and the other he didn't know. They 
could see a bunker which had a heavy bolter and an autocannon inside. 
He headed for the bunker with Junut and Ikuru at his side. He throw a 
grenade in side and heard shooting in a language he didn't understand. 
*BOOM* the grenade had gone off he stormed in shooting from his hip. He 
cut down 2 culists that came in the door opposite. Shooting 1 in the 
head and the other in the neck. He heard more shouting. As he looked 
round the corner he shoots pounded into the wall and wizzed past his 
head. They were a couple off steps away. He pulled out his bayonet and 
sliced the first 1s guts open. And stabbed the next one in his ribs he 
could feel his ribs crunching under the power of the knife. And shoot 
the last one in the guts twice and stopped his screaming with a quick 
slice off his blade against his neck. 


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