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On The Prowl Chapter 5 (standard:mystery, 8942 words)
Author: Sarah SpenserAdded: May 20 2006Views/Reads: 1890/1265Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
See if Eagle has succeeded in killing Allison in this nail biting chapter!

5. Mental Meltdown 

Connor bent over Allie's still form, forgetting that the prime suspect
in Francie's disappearance was making a clean get away.  He shook her, 
but she didn't respond. "Allie? Can you hear me, honey?" no response, 
just then, Connor saw a figure dart passed him through the woods.  He 
gave chase, with his gun drawn. "Stop! Freeze!" he yelled as he kept up 
with the man who was quickly outrunning him.  Connor watched horrified 
as the man picked up speed and disappeared into the night.  Connor 
grabbed his portable radio and called for back up.  Once he had given 
his location, he ran back to Allie. She was beginning to regain 
consciousness when he returned.  She sat up, dazed and confused. 
"Allie?" "Connor! What are you ..." "What the hell are you doing? Are 
you all right?" "I'm ... I'm fine." She said frantically looking around 
for the Eagle. "Where's Eagle?" "He got away. He took a shot at you. 
You fell to the ground. Are you sure you're not hurt?" "I'm positive." 
Connor leaned over and kissed her. "Are you sure?" "I'm sure. I'm not 
hit, Connor." "I radioed for back-up, they should be here any minute." 
"Why'd you let him get away? He has Francie!" she screamed beginning to 
sob. "Allison, what was I supposed to do? Chase him and let you die? I 
didn't know if you were hurt! My first priority was you." "Damn! I 
can't believe he got away." She said softly.  They heard sirens and 
were soon greeted by Bob Frank and several officers. "Where did he run 
to, Connor?" Bob asked putting their best canine unit into position. 
"That way." Connor said somberly pointing in to the woods. "I'm going 
to take Allison to the hospital." "You should." Bob said looking at 
Allison with concern. "Are you all right, Allison?" "I'm fine, Chief." 
She said looking despondently at her husband. "Let me know if you find 
him." "Of course, Connor. I've got Dewy Levy and his dog Raleigh on it. 
He's one of our best trackers." They left the scene knowing there was 
nothing more they could do. Allison got in beside Connor and they took 
off to the hospital. "I'm fine, Connor. I just want you to find him." 
"Allie, you're the most precious person in my life. I just want to be 
sure. When I get my hands on him, he's going to wish he was dead!" 
Connor said parking the car outside the emergency room doors. 

An hour later, Allie and Connor arrived home.  Allie knew he was angry
with her for sneaking out on him, and as she put on her nightgown, he 
sat on the edge of the bed. "Allie, what the hell were you doing?" 
"Trying to get Francie back!" "No, you could've gotten killed tonight! 
You know that right?" "I'm not stupid, Connor!" "He was gunning for 
you, Allison! He could've shot you! That was a ploy!" "I know, you were 
right." "I know I was right. I'm a detective, honey. Don't you think if 
I could get Francie back I would? Don't you think that I would leave no 
stone unturned until I finally found her?" "I do ..." the phone rang 
interrupting their conversation. "Hello?" "Allison, it's me." His 
ominous voice breathed. She could hear his breath coming slow and calm, 
she listened for any background noises, nothing. "Where is she?" 
"You'll be happy to know she's in another place." He said with an evil 
laugh. "She's in another place? You moved locations?" "No, I did better 
than that. I killed her!" "No! no! you didn't!" "I'm on the prowl, 
Allison! I'm looking for you!" she was speechless, Connor took the 
phone from her hand and listened to the click as Eagle hung up. "What 
did he say, Allie?" "Connor ... oh, Connor ..." was all she could say. 
"He ... he killed her!" she began to sob violently. "He what?" they 
sobbed for hours just holding each other.  Connor did his best to 
comfort her as he called Lynn and his parents. His mind screamed no, 
this wasn't real, he could've have killed her, no one could be that 

Morning came quickly, she got up as soon as she heard his footsteps, she
wanted to creep out and see where the front door was.  Maybe she would 
find a way out of this place.  This man was scary, she heard him open 
the closet door and hid under the blankets. "Francie?" he said softly. 
"Go away! You're bad!" "I'll be even meaner if you don't get your 
little butt out here!" he snapped. She obeyed frightened with every 
step she took out of the closet. "How about some breakfast?" he said 
taking her into the kitchen. "No! you're bad!" "I'm not so bad. You 
don't have to hide in there anymore." "Why?" "Because I said so. Your 
Mommy and Daddy are never coming for you!" "No! that's not true!" "Oh, 
yes it is! Sit down, my dear and talk to Eagle." He pulled out a chair 
for her.  She eyed him suspiciously as he stood there, arms folded 
across his chest. "They're coming for me! You're a bad man!" she sat 
for a moment before bolting from the kitchen. The front door was just a 
few feet away.  Francie ran as fast as her little legs would carry her. 

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