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I AM BARBIE, HEAR ME ROAR! (standard:romance, 350 words)
Author: kathygAdded: May 25 2006Views/Reads: 2182/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Trying to create a human Barbie is like opening Pandora's box! It creates thought in womankind to be something bigger than oneself! And that is the conflict between Barbie and Ken in this short piece.

There are certain places that are secret and dark. They are only
revealed if you look very closely. What you see is not exactly what you 
might expect. Writing is a place where you dig up past memories, create 
new characters, situations and build up scenarios that were but "what 
ifs" in reality. 

My first writing was intended as a letter to my sister. I knew that her
first days at college would be lonely. Even at the age of 8, I felt 
compassion for her. I wrote my first story and illustrated it with my 
box of crayolas. The lead character was my Barbie doll. I wrote a story 
that Barbie wanted to become human and have a real life, but Ken got 
mad because he couldn't deal with a 6 foot girlfriend when he was only 
10 inches tall! She needed the money from Ken to get the operation to 
become human, but Ken refused. So, Barbie and her doll friends, 
Skipper, Midge and Francie went on strike. They refused to cook and 
clean and called in sick to work. Ken's started to look ratty. He 
didn't shave for a week. He started going to McDonald's for lunch. And 
he missed the Barbie he used to know. 

Barbie and her doll friends picketed around her home. They walked around
with big signs demanding the right to be human. Ken finally came out of 
the house and screamed... Make dinner! The struggle went on and the 
picketing went on for hours. Give me the money! Make dinner! Give me 
the money! 

Finally, Ken gave in. He couldn't fight the crowd. He gave Barbie the
money to become human. As he gave Barbie the money, he took her hand 
and said, "Goodbye, Barbie. We can't be together anymore." 

Barbie cried, "I know." 

Barbie and her friends went to the hospital and had the operation. 

She became human and now she is the richest,most, spoiled doll in

Ken has a string of women cooking for him and cleaning. He became the
first male chauvenist. He is mighty proud of this! 


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