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Show me the divine (standard:poetry, 885 words)
Author: Nathan Scot TaylorAdded: Jun 11 2006Views/Reads: 1784/1128Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Best read while listening to Jackson Browne's Sky Blue and Black

Show me. 

Show me something worth fighting for. 

Show me something worth all the pain, all the egoes, all the bullshit. 

Show me the piece of divine.  Show me the courage. 

Show me the love.  Show me the strength through the pain. 

Show me something to make all the pain worth it. 

Show me something worth all the shame, 

All the hate, 

All the fear. 

Show me I'm wrong about myself. 

Show me I can love, I can feel. 

Show me I can have faith again. 

Show me something worth the path I'm walking, 

Show me that I can. 

Please show me I can. 

Show me that I can still love. 

Show me I'm wrong.  That's its just my own stupidity. 

Show me that's its just my fear talking in the night. 

Show me that I can still feel it. 

Feel all of it. All the wonder, all the glory. 

Show me I'm still human. Cause sometimes I wonder. 

Late in the night, in places I don't talk of. I find myself. Weak,
vulnerable, in pain; all the things I tried so hard not to be. All the 
things I tried to make myself not be able to feel anymore. 

Show me I'm still human, show me I can be a man. Show me I'm still
alive. Show me how to become something more. Show me how to be with 
someone.  Show me how to touch the humanity. 

Show me how to feel again. Show me how to let myself feel again. 

Show me I'm good enough. That my mistakes, that my transgressions, they
don't cut me away from humanity. 

Show me that I'm not so damaged, that I can still be with someone like
you. Show me that I can heal.  Show me that I can be okay. 

Show me that I can be divine. 

Show me that I can be good enough, without being something I'm not. 

Show me that I can be wrong, and still be okay. Show me that I don't
have to be perfect, to be loved. 

Show the divinity, inside the imperfections. Show me that someone could
love - someone like me. 

So many mistakes, so many things wrong. I wish I could fix them.  I wish
I wasn't responsible for some of the things I think I caused. 

But I can't, its too late.  And all the things I wished for, its just
too late. 

I can't change what I've done. I don't even know that I'd know how to

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